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Wednesday, April 24, 2013 

Gerry Conway's view today is a real disappointment

If there's any other veteran besides Ann Nocenti whose leftist bent could appall, it's Gerry Conway, who's sadly become quite a rabid leftist on Twitter. Here's a few examples of his visions:

I think the weirdest thing of all is how the guy who created the Punisher could have such a problem with the NRA. I vaguely recall stumbling across his Twitter page a year ago and he was saying some pretty unflattering and outright hostile things about conservatives, and he clearly hasn't changed much.

Surprisingly, he is willing to signal that he understands the badness of the Islamic world:

Maybe there's a glimmer of hope for him if he realizes that the House of Saud is one of the foulest places on earth. I just hope he realizes that women there suffer much worse under abayas and chadors.

That aside, it's a real shame that a veteran like him has to lean so badly to the left that he'd have it in for the right and conservatives.

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I've been really enjoying Conway's Law & Order: Criminal Intent episodes and his Wonder Woman issues, lately, so, yeah, I won't lie -- this one hurts.

Not surprising, but still. Lame.

I'm running out of old-school guys/gals to like, though, at least, Jurgens hasn't lost it.

If Americans want to get laws passed that represent our views we need to put OUR money where the NRA puts its.

Oh yeah? Then we shouldn't have passed ObamaCare, don't pass immigration reform, and Lord knows what else. These short-sighted "progressive" nimrods think "American people" means only things THEY like. When it's the reverse, then, of course, it's "But dissent is patriotic!!"

F*** them.

Oops, that first sentence in my last comment should be in quotes.

I'd also heard that Conway made some anti-Israel remarks on his Twitter last winter. Sad.

And yeah, it continues to amaze me how dissent is suddenly no longer patriotic when a Democrat is in office.

I didn't know about the anti-Israel remarks, Carl. A pity he didn't stick around on Law & Order: CI -- soon after he left, there was the wretched anti-Israel episode, "30." (You can look up the lulz on wikipedia.)

Anyway, yeah, I share Hube's outrage. Conway may be a good writer, except I am getting really tired of being lectured by our so-called moral or overall superiors. Of course, can't tell the poor darlings that, since they're better than us in every way... or so they keep telling us, every two seconds.

Am I pissy enough, yet? Hope so. Because I am.

It's "despicable" for a "GOP Neanderthal" to criticize immigration policy after the Boston bombing, but it's OK for Democrats and the media to exploit that same tragedy (and Sandy Hook) to push their anti-gun agenda?

He seems to be on some sort of boring atheist kick too. Even the old guys are going full-on a-hole now.

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