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Thursday, April 04, 2013 

Third Iron Man movie script dooming itself with anti-Americanism

Some bad news about the third Iron Man movie has been discovered (via Hube, and Doug found some early signs of what the film's like last month). Specifically, the exact nationality of the main villain:
...despite the air of mystery created by Kevin Feige, the EW TV spot pretty much spoils The Mandarin’s nationality. At the beginning of the footage, The Mandarin announces, “My fellow Americans. My soldiers will destroy your country.” So, by addressing his “fellow Americans,” it looks like The Mandarin is claiming to be a homegrown American terrorist. What are your thoughts on The Mandarin being an American?
Answer: it's cheap and offensive, and it strongly signals capitulation to the Chinese commies. Years before, the Mandarin had been emphatically Chinese. Now, they're doing something even more ridiculous than the first of two Fantastic Four movies, changing the villain's background considerably, obviously because they don't have the courage to depict communists as villains anymore. I sadly guess that if one day, the Crimson Dynamo turns up in a live action Marvel movie, the background for any villains or allies who wear the armor will be changed as well so that they're no longer Russian agents either.

This embarrassment looks to be a "third time's not the charm" situation.

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A guy called the Mandarin who has always been a lemon-yellow chincom is now an American?

Hilariously retarded. Pass.

Why is the west so scared of China? They have half an aircraft carrier, the hygiene of medieval peasants and faces like arses.

It's not fear. It's knowing that the Chinese Communist government might crack down on allowing any Disney movies in the country for years on end if it made the Mandarin, you know, the Mandarin.

The Chinese film audience is estimated to be larger than the American one by the decade's end.

The movie version of "The Sum of All Fears" changed the villains from Muslim extremists to neo=Nazis. And that was after 9-11.

Flying Tiger: The Taliban doesn't have an aircraft carrier, its hygiene is non-existent, and its members have faces only Allah could love. And yet they live to fight another day.

There are many aspects to winning a war, and these days the West doesn't have the grit in its spit to do what is necessary to ensure victory. We all know the reasons why.

China isn't a joke.

With that said, Hollywood is a joke. Liberalism would be a joke too, if it wasn't so dangerous. I fear for what the future holds for our kids.

Too soon to pass judgment, as this may be a ruse by the Mandarin to try and pass himself off as an American. Let's wait for the movie to come out before jumping to conclusions.

Point taken re China, I went too far. But seeing effeminate girlymen beta sell our side short all the time is enraging me.

How they can still publish Captain America without a *(sorry) next to the America is beyond me- they obviously have no pride in family, home or country.

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