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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 

What do British comic writers think of Margaret Thatcher?

The UK's first lady prime minister has passed away. She may not have been perfect, but she was one of the most effective politicians in her time, with 12 years/3 terms in office. Unfortunately, not everyone in Britain admires her, and that includes some comics writers who came from the isle. I found at least 6 who tweeted less than flattering and pretty disturbing comments about the UK's Iron Lady:

Some of the most chilling things 2 of them could signal is their acceptance of socialism and non-free marketing. For them, welfare is good in every way, but not working? Say, the latter's just what they're doing now - working in comic books for a living! Does this mean they're not happy with it, no matter how fine their bosses at the big two are with desecrating the properties they've been given the assignment of writing? And, that they'd rather the government tell them their money isn't theirs? They might want to ponder the possibilities that their tax pounds ended up being given to criminals as welfare. That's the sad problem in Britain they're clearly not willing to think about.

And why the dislike of privatization? What if they had the dough to buy ownership of Fleetway, the company that publishes comics like 2000 AD, and Thatcher's economic ideas helped make it easier for them? They wouldn't want to buy it as their very own property? Why should only the government own everything, as they're suggesting? And what if Tony Blair, one of the worst premiers they had in the past, made the same proposals Thatcher did? Any chance they'd be singing a different song then?

Speaking of which, what do those UK comic writers think of Blair, whose policies when he was head of Labour only helped make things worse for the country, including the Islamization of Britain, establishment of sharia courts, violation of minors, the massive influx of uncontrolled immmigration, drug dealing and juvenile crime that shot up during Labour's tenure? Actually, now that I think of it, they probably don't think much of him either, but not for those reasons. Rather, it's more likely they dislike him too because he agreed to participate in bringing down Saddam in Iraq even as he neglected the homefront.

If there is a legitimate reason to disapprove of Thatcher, it's if she made no effort to change some of the most draconian laws that may have existed since Victorian times, including legal stipulations that burdens of proof lie upon the defendant in legal cases, and even "libel tourism", used to sue people in other countries where they don't even live. Those kind of laws - which also litter a couple of other countries in Europe - are a disgrace to any civilized society, but probably not what concerns those comics writers coming from the UK. Too bad, because one would think they'd value freedom of speech, which those laws in Britain have a very devastating effect on.

For now, it sure is odd that these same writers who more than gladly accept money for their efforts in the US comics medium despise the same system that's helping them make all that dough I'm sure they just love to keep.

Update: here's a list of pictures from several comics and editorial cartoon panels depicting Thatcher in illustrated form, including Miracleman and Hellblazer. They sure aren't very favorable to her either.

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These British writers really are total moonbats.

I liked Robinson's take, if only because he was pithy, to borrow from Bill "Bible Thumpers" O'Reilly. Depressing, yet not unexpected.

And yet, compared to Hugo Chavez, who they probably thought was the Second Coming.

Comics has become such an disgusting, unpleasant business. Just a horde of angry, spoiled-ass ideologues vomiting up a bunch of anti-Christian and anti-Western tradition garbage.

And now it appears you can't work in the industry if you strongly oppose their views and stand for basic, common-sense principles that so many people still hold. Screw the whole lot of em.

I don't care much about Thatcher, but it does show what a bunch of lowlifes they are. So they can say this %(*# about politicians, the Pope, conservatives, or whatever but Card can't campaign against a movement he sees as immoral and destructive? To hell with them.

As a coda of sorts: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2306570/Margaret-Thatcher-dead-Weaned-BBCs-hatred-wonder-young-rejoice-death.html

Gee, thanks, BBC....

You're right, uatu, and you can't even become an authentic comic fan, unless you become one of "those angry, spoiled-ass ideologues vomiting up a bunch of anti-Christian and anti-Western tradition garbage." If you don't, you get no access. I guess those of us who don't, no access, judging from what happened to Doug at Newsarama. (Feel free to refresh my memory.)

Hell with em, indeed.

On the rare occasions I've tried to venture into comic news comboxes, I've found that the 'fans' tend to echo the sentiments of the hack creators and pseudo-reporters.

When you've lost Johnny Rotten:


Makes me glad I never bothered with Miracleman or Hellblazer. Bah.

Scratch a socialist and a fascist bleeds. Not really surprising.

"Makes me glad I never bothered with Miracleman and Hellblazer."

Seconded. I tried Hellblazer after seeing the Constantine movie back in 2005, but didn't like it and dropped it fairly quickly.

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