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Wednesday, May 01, 2013 

AOL closes Comics Alliance

Comics Alliance has been shut down by owner AOL after about 4 years of running it. I'm really not disappointed they're going, because of the boilerplate leftist slant they had. It could include their attack on Frank Miller for putting together Holy Terror, their lip service to Bill Ayers, and more recently, their attacks on Orson Scott Card. Any site that's going to that hostile to conservatives writing comics is no big loss. And on top of that, they were more or less kiss-ups to the majors.

The Verge site tells that one of the former contributors said that "traffic on the site was better than ever." But I never saw any open statistics on their site, and they've never given any daily, weekly or monthly averages of visits, so their claim alone isn't going to tell anything. I'm sure they got some traffic, but how much was it compared to even a wretch of a news site like the Huffington Post? AOL themselves are a pretty left-wing company (this incident has got to be one of their lowliest acts), and may have lost advertisers and other business deals because not many wanted to pay for services for a company that's not being very respectable of its clients. And economically, times have become hard.

A site as biased as Comics Alliance was is no great loss to the medium.

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Dang. And I wanted to post about that one guy, "if you like the Silver Age, like Geoff Johns does, you're racist." Heh.

Oh, well, as you said, no big loss.

Or one down, a bajillion to go.

LOL, Killer Moth. He'll probably go back to his own blog now that CA is ended. Maybe he'll have to get a real job now.

I agree that it's no big loss. I never really thought they were anything special, to be honest. I thought they were pretty sleazy and they also called those who criticized the Islamist Batman "racist" and even went on the Daily Show to cry to one of Jon Stewart's minions about it.

I'm sure to that guy, wanking about comics and his moral superiority was his real job, Carl. Hehehe. Don't you worry, he'll find a new site and say how racist the Silver Age is, soon enough.

I didn't know about their whining to the Daily Show, but no surprise, is it? And then, I'm sure the viewership were outrageously outraged, like the lemmings they are. Quelle surprise, right?

LOL. Yeah, I'm sure some outfit will hire him and he'll continue to spew his nonsense about how the Silver Age is "racist" there. Hell, the founder of CA bolted last June so she could work at Wired.com.

And yeah, it's no surprise. Good point about the Daily Show viewership, too. They are lemmings that actually believe a so-called "satire" show is real news and as a consequence of that they think they're better-informed than anyone else.

And then when you debunk their nonsense with logic and facts, they blow their tops and claim that you don't have a sense of humor, you don't understand satire, you're "uninformed," etc.

Indeed. When Rush or anyone on the Right does satire, they go 'why so srs.' Liberals either treat Rush and others like clowns and their points not seriously at all, or they really do, as they do apparently take every little thing so seriously. Pick one, libs, as you can't have it both ways.

It's laughable when the baby boomers invented "never trust anyone over 30," and yet they're the biggest conformists, ever. And in turn, people our age are more conformist than ever. Pathetic.

I know, Carl, "your moral and intellectual superiors!" To borrow from Kathy Shaidle.

Unfortunately, the lemmings are winning:


Just a reminder.

Yeah, they know how to easily dupe people in my generation into thinking the economy doesn't matter and social issues like gay "marriage" are somehow more important or that they need to have government help them out with everything.

For example, my sister voted for Obama because she thinks he'll personally help pay for her college. I kid you not. LOL.

Unfortunately, they've come back. They were revived because the lemmings who read the website got angry on social media... ugh.

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