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Thursday, May 09, 2013 

Ron Marz dislikes right-leaning TV host Chuck Woolery

Marz told a writer for MTV what he thinks of a Wheel of Fortune host:

Gee, what's so wrong with this Woolery guy anyway? I looked up some of his stuff and found quite a bit to be impressed by:

That's right, and they came from around Chechnya.

This brings to mind the way the MSM covered the case of the Tarheel University jihadist, and how the parents of a creep named Sulejman Talovic who went on a murder spree in Salt Lake City blatantly defended him. And the Tsarnaev's mother did both a bizarre apologia for her sons while at the same time telling CNN she didn't care if her sons died.

That too is now official news. Not sure why Marz is so bothered about a guy who was stating facts.

While we're on the subject, what the heck, I'll post a few more. For example, Marz also tweeted:

There's a difference: many of the soldiers who died in Iraq were fighting in battle, and many of the other deaths were those of jihadists. I won't say there weren't any civilian deaths, but that would be more the fault of the jihadists who'd even be willing to use them as human shields. As for Benghazi, it's been revealed that there was an order to "stand down", and do nothing to help the victims there. I guess that means even superheroes in comics shouldn't come to the rescue of innocents?

Now, here's something where Marz brings up two in one:

Okay, on the subject of Dragoncon, he's got a legitimate argument there. I read the reports from the past few months about how that child-molesting POS who co-founded the convention called Edward Kramer has been delaying his trial and filing serial litigation in Georgia for nearly 13 years, even antagonizing his co-founders, yet they seem affected by Stockholm Syndrome and have never made any serious attempt to find legal counsel who can help get them out of the jam. I wouldn't want my money going into his grubby pockets either. I may try to write further on the case later, since it is something all fans of comics and other pop culture should be concerned about, and I hope the victims of that piece of filth finally find the justice they seek.

But how sad to see Marz cannot keep from adding himself to the list of writers deriding Orson Scott Card. Just how is he anywhere near as bad as Kramer? Ludicrous. But hey, if that's how Marz feels, how come he didn't take issue with the mayor of Boston who gave tax money to a Muslim homophobe in Roxbury? (H/T: Legal Insurrection.) There's plenty of Muslim imams who said far worse things about homosexuals than Card ever did, and yet Marz considers Card the problem? Why, what if Saddam said and did nasty things to gays and lesbians when he was overlording Iraq? Surely Marz would have a problem with that?

I think Marz needs to divert his attention from peanut-sized matters like Card and just worry about vile scum like Kramer and the creepy imams (and even Talovic, who signaled he was a homophobe too).

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Aren't you wrong for assuming that Marz doesn't like Woolery for anything to do with Woolery's comments on the Boston bombers? Marz could dislike Woolery for other reasons.

As for not liking Card, Card is terrible homophobe and has said hateful things about liberals. Card wrote a book where evil liberals launch a vicious attack against the U.S.

Seriously, people don't like other people.

Nothing Marz has written has been hateful or cruel.

You should go over and talk with Ethan Van Sciver, seems like you subscriber to his points of views. Also get the facts straight, there was no 'stand down order'.

Matthew Waite

@anonymous: maybe I am erroneous about anything involving Boston, but I haven't found anything so far that could offer a legit explanation for why Marz thinks Woolery is a "nut".

And don't push libs for sainthood. I've seen some examples of Hollywood depicting conservatives as baddies from over the past decades, and if you don't have a problem with that, then don't go bawling when libs end up in the baddies boat.

Oh, and I won't say that everything Marz has ever written was bad, but are you aware of his work on Emerald Twilight and what happened to Alexandra deWitt? Then don't just say "nothing". Just say that he's tried to improve on the artistic front. You'll be helping him much better that way.

One more thing: I appreciate Marz's invitation to debate with him on Twitter, but it ain't easy when I got a job to do in the morning and other stuff to busy myself with in the afternoon. But I'll try in the future! Thanks for visiting!

You really need to do more research. Chuck Woolery and his producer (who he constantly retweets) have been right wing trolls for at least a year now. Tom Scharpling took them to task on his show, and now everyone else is experiencing it as well. http://www.salon.com/2012/09/19/chuck_woolery_tea_party_ranter/

Also get the facts straight, there was no 'stand down order'.

Not according to Greg Hicks in the recent hearings.

Nothing Marz has written has been hateful or cruel.

He told those who advocated reason about guns after Newtown to "STFU -- dead kids and all." Nah, that ain't hateful.

Chuck Woolery and his producer (who he constantly retweets) have been right wing trolls for at least a year now.

I love that -- "trolls." How, exactly, are they "trolling?" Because they Tweet about things they believe in? By that very definition, you troll. Ron Marz definitely trolls. Everyone trolls. Gimme a break.

Apparently, the number of acceptable casualties is higher than four, but lower than 110,000. BTW, there were no deaths at all in the Watergate scandal, but it still resulted in the president being forced to resign.

Has-been hack comics "writer" has a hissy fit over has-been game show host's political convictions.

Sounds like an episode of Not-Quite-Celebrity Deathmatch...

I giggle whenever I hear the word 'homophobe.' It's just so silly I can't resist. It's like 'rutabaga' or 'quiltbag.'

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