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Saturday, July 20, 2013 

SDCC becomes a platform for politics

The San Diego Comic-Con may have long lost its edge as it became more of an exhibition for movies and music, with comics marginalized, but now, if this is any suggestion, it's serving as a platform for actors wishing to make political statements. Namely, Jamie Foxx, who's playing Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2, who said he was disappointed with George Zimmerman's acquittal for shooting Trayvon Martin, even though, as NBA's Charles Barkley also stated, there was no evidence to prove that Zimmerman acted in racist malice:
Foxx said he was "disappointed" in the July 13 not guilty verdict in Florida.
And he wasn't the only one at the Comic-Con who went political: even Samuel Jackson did too:
Samuel L. Jackson was also on hand at the convention, promoting the remake of "RoboCop." He said he'd been out of the country for much of the trial and during the verdict, but expected the result. [...]

Still, he said, he was "encouraged by the attitude of people after the verdict, that people are willing to stand up and take a stand and get out in the streets, and let their voices be heard."
Is he encouraged by anybody who let their voice be heard by attacking Hispanics? The Comic-Con's supposed to be a place for entertainment, not a political soapbox. Now, it sounds like an even less appealing place to vacation.

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WHat disturbs and disappoints me is not just the politicisation but the moronic level of said politicisation. It's like these dummies of the acting world- and let's face it, not too many actors can do more than lie convincintly for a living- are so stupid that their own opinions are just cringe inducing.

Better to remain silent guys. Especially when fawning to the race collective.

Or do they see Detroit as a GOOD thing?

I can only imagine what it would have been like at such panels with Jackson and Foxx. At the con with so many White fanboys, and cue Jackson and Foxx. The collective White guilt alone would have been overwhelming, especially if there were a few brave souls who would disagree with Foxx and Jackson. Can't have that, we've have a riot.

I suppose that, since the comics themselves have been politicized over many years, the cons would share the same fate, sooner or later. Still sickening, though.

Shh, Flying Tiger. You're not supposed to point that out with Detroit. Hehe.

Yeah, I remember reading a Tweet from Luke Russert about how the causes of Detroit's bankruptcy were "complicated," to which Iowa Hawk responded, "they're not complicated. No one wants to address the real issues," like the fact that Detroit has been run into the ground by Democrats and their failed policies.

But back to the subject of Comic-Con itself, yeah, it has gone downhill. Half the time it isn't even about comics anymore, but pop culture as a whole.

I know if I went to a convention (I probably never will, because I'm not that "nerdy."), I'd want to hear about comics, sci-fi/fantasy and things that relate to those, not a creator's politics. First it was idiot Joss Whedon saying that capitalism was "evil" last year, and now this racialist nonsense from two actors I used to respect. Jackson and Foxx are acting no better than race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson.

It's called Comic-Con, not RacePoliticsCon. Yeesh.

And good point about the fanboys, Killer Moth. A vast majority of them are white liberals (at least, a lot of them that I've encountered both in real life and online, apart from the blogs I frequent and the regular commenters at my blog, that is) and probably are feeling collective white guilt. I used to see that crap all the time on Facebook. Not just among my own "friends," but also on the various fan pages.

A lot of them are low-information voters and think purely on emotion instead of common sense or rationality. If conservatives like us call out creators for liberal hyperbole, they'll come to our sites and demonize us for daring to criticize their favorite writers, like we saw with the Orson Scott Card "controversy."

Many fanboys also have inflated egos and tend to be arrogant. Some can't get over the whole "nerds vs jock" thing, like a former friend of mine from high school. Indeed, I was shunned from the "nerd" group after high school because I dared to express interest in things like sports and because I would talk to people outside the group.

Sorry for the triple post, but I have more to add. Apart from not having the monetary resources necessary to attend a convention, I just have no desire to attend any (not even the local one here in MN, at the State Fairgrounds), especially when they've lost focus of what they were originally about.

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