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Sunday, September 22, 2013 

5 tweets by Patrick Zircher

The comics artist Zircher wrote a few days ago about gun violence, in the wake of the murders at the US Navy base in the District of Columbia:

If he's concerned about it, why doesn't he say what he thinks is the root cause? Is it bad education? Is it gun control laws that even made army bases dangerous places to be (H/T: Big Peace)? Is it poor law enforcement? Or, does he think it's just the guns themselves and not the brains of the filth who committed the horrors? Why doesn't he specify? (I couldn't find any tweet by Zircher where he does.) If not, then he's no better than the people whom he's critical of, but won't say why.

Now, here's 3 more where he attacks GOP leader Eric Cantor over budget cuts:

Oh, so he supports socialism and dependence upon government? Wow. Food stamps and welfare are just what immigrants with bad mindsets like Islamofascists in Europe like to exploit, and they'd do it at Zircher's expense too. Even here in Israel, Haredi society has been exploiting state welfare for years, and most of it has thankfully been cut down, since some of the most bigoted, isolationist factions were exploiting it too, while at the same time making repellent remarks against anybody they didn't consider part of their crowd. Why, socialist governments can even be selective about who gets the handouts and who doesn't, and people with more sense can end up the biggest victims as a result; that's what happened when Germany's National Socialists took over during WW2.

People shouldn't depend on government to keep their families living well. It's up to the individual to support his/her own family, myself included. Besides, every country that relies on socialism is eventually destined to end up collapsing. By contrast, capitalism helped improve many lives. Zircher could try to ponder that. I'm not a big fan of Cantor, but I don't think this is a reason to complain about his policies.

Of course, if there's anybody he should really be criticizing, it's the Obama administration, for refusing to do anything to improve the economy. But I haven't seen Zircher do that.

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Those children & teens were not injured "by" firearms in 2010. They were injured *with* firearms. And victims in traffic accidents are not killed or injured "by" cars, they are killed or injured with cars, by reckless drivers. Leftists blame inanimate objects instead of blaming people who behave badly. They can't admit that there is such a thing as personal responsibility.

An editorial in the New Yorker said that the shipyard shooting proves that owning a weapon for protection is futile, since the victims were in the military and were "armed." There were similar editorials and columns after the Ft. Hood shooting. But, in both cases, the victims were all unarmed (even though they had trained and qualified with weapons). Military bases are basically gun-free zones (and, in fairness, that was already the policy in most places long before the Clinton administration). Even the military police and Defense Department police only carry weapons when on duty; they sign out a pistol from the armory at the start of their shift and then turn it back in when they clock out. Which means you have a better chance of being rescued by an armed cop if you are not on a military base, since most state and local police carry weapons off-duty as well as on.

To be honest, I'm worn out on the internet comic book wars. All it does is get me angry and I say dumb stuff about people in the industry or whatever. I'm sorry about anything that's gone over the line.

I'm not worn out by it. I think it's a battle worth fighting, and the more people that speak out against Marvel and DC, the better.

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