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Monday, February 03, 2014 

Boston Globe runs taqqiya about Muslim Ms. Marvel

The Boston Globe, that most ultra-leftist paper in New England, ran some propaganda by an Indonesian writer about the Muslim Ms. Marvel, and the taqqiya includes:
The new Ms. Marvel tackles both stereotypes of both oppressed Muslim women and terrorists. Many Muslim women chose not to wear a hijab, and Kamala’s character is one of them. She carries her US history book side by side with a book on prophet Mohammed’s sayings and another book on illustration and design. Her creators claim she was born “out of a desire to explore the Muslim-American diaspora from an authentic perspective.” They would know because they, too, have had to navigate their way of being Muslim and American.
Tsk tsk tsk. Pretty much what one could expect from somebody who hails from an island country with a large Muslim population. Whether or not they want to is not the query. It's whether they have the right to refuse that is. And that definitely was not the case with Aqsa Parvez, for example. There's also an imam in Denmark named Shahid Mehdi who spouted repulsive beliefs about what he thinks should be done to women who don't wear hijabs.

Naturally, we can't expect any of the Koran/Hadith's verses to be mentioned in the story being published either, not even what they say about sexual assault and honor murders. In that case, I'm not sure why Wilson's depicting the character carrying a copy.

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Checked out the first few pages on Newsarama today. Not only was it boring as hell, the art is HORRIBLE. I drew better than that in 6th grade.

I agree, Hube...I read a preview and wasn't impressed at all. The art was terrible.

I was never good at drawing, but really, I think some of the (now-lost) comics I drew in elementary and middle school were better than that!

Because, just like the Bible and Christians, there are moderate Muslims who don't follow their holy books to the letter.

Don: did you take a clear look at the book before you wrote that? Because if there's no acknowledgement in the new comic about the darkest verses found in the Koran, and nothing to make clear Kamala Khan recognizes those are reprehensible beliefs the religion she goes by contains, then it's nothing more than a dishonest depiction of Islamists without being transparent about what beliefs Islam upholds. And in case you haven't figured it out yet, "taqqiya" means deception in Arabic. I'm sure you wouldn't want to be deceived by a dishonest portrayal, now would you?

Now, if you don't care for religion, that's one thing, but if you're trying to draw moral equivalences between Judeo-Christianity and Islam, that's a very ill-advised path to take. Do you believe there's such a thing as a bad religion? I'd suggest you ponder that, not to mention that a lot of the Torah/Bible's content is descriptive, not prescriptive like the Koran's own beliefs.

If you guys say the art sucks that badly, I'm half tempted to get it just to see how bad. XD

Trying to equate Islam with, say, Catholicism or Judaism - where group identity can be (and often is) held separately from doctrine is a mistake.

If you don't believe me, try asking a dozen or so American Muslims if Osama bin Laden precipitated 9/11 as an act of terror in the name of Islam. What you'll hear in the vast majority of those is, at best, a conspiracy or three. OBL didn't do it and was set up by America or the Jews. OBL did it, but he was just a patsy for the US or the Jews. There is no OBL; he was created by the CIA or Mossad. So on.

Those few that will straightforwardly answer yes to the above, ask: "Do you condemn his actions without reservation?" and "Do you believe that his actions have condemned him to hell?" Accept only "yes" or "no." No "yes, but..." allowed.

You'll get a very, very few who will answer yes to all three questions without any qualifications or prevarications. And that tells you all you need to know about practitioners of Islam as a whole. A few sane, but not many, even in the US.

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