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Sunday, February 02, 2014 

IGN recommends bad Marvel books

IGN ran a gushing list of 10 Marvel books they think we should all be wasting our money on. Among their picks is Mark Waid's run on Daredevil, and they say:
What it’s about: If your only exposure to Daredevil is the movie featuring Ben Affleck, then you’ve got to check out this comic. (Although, the director’s cut of the Daredevil movie is actually pretty good).
Anyone sensible who checks out Waid's take on Matt Murdock, with the kind of politics it features, will come away feeling no more satisfied than they did watching the movie. A real recommendation would be Stan Lee, Marv Wolfman and Frank Miller's runs.
Good news is that there are 35 amazing issues of Daredevil out right now and the series is ending on February’s Issue 36. But don’t worry, it’s immediately relaunching with a new storyline and a new Issue 1 with the exact same creative team.
What a stupid thing to say. They've only let know that this is all being formatted for speculators to go for.

Then, they fawn over Uncanny Avengers:
Why it’s awesome: Writer Rick Remender didn’t choose this cast because they fit together perfectly. In fact, they’re a ticking time bomb. The team members have so many grudges, differences of opinion, and personal issues that it’s a wonder how they last even a day. Remender mines the drama for everything its worth, and never forgets to throw in huge action set pieces (like Thor and Sunfire stopping a satellite from crashing into Rio De Janeiro) and surprising character appearances (just wait until you see who is in the new Four Horsemen of Apocalypse).
What a joke of a commentary. If that's all they're about, it's hard to believe anyone would want to read the book. Let's remember that Remender threw even that much out the window after he wiped out at least 3 members, just for the sake of shock and turning off the audience.

But surely the worst part has to be their commentary on All-New X-Men:
Why it’s awesome: Jean Grey is back! She has been dead for years, but writer Brian Michael Bendis found the least offensive way to bring her back without going through yet another resurrection story. We get the pure, classic version of Jean before she could even read minds, although she quickly figures it out and then some. She’s one of the most popular and endearing X-Men of all time, so it’s been wonderful seeing her in the thick of it all again.
What's so inoffensive about bringing back Jean only to plunge her into a story where she's prosecuted yet again for the crimes of the Phoenix lifeform, and Bendis sets it up to sound like the revelation from Avengers and Fantastic Four never existed? They don't explain that. Nor do they explain what's so wrong with resurrections. If they can be found in other forms of fiction, there's no reason why they can't be done in comics. IGN is a real joke.

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Yeah, their recommendations are terrible. Nothing from modern Marvel and DC is any good. IDW has some good licensed titles, and Archie's New Crusaders title was decent (although it pointlessly killed off a character at the end of the first story arc), but that's about it.

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