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Sunday, April 20, 2014 

James Robinson is quite a laughingstock

For the WonderCon panels, James Robinson delivered quite a dud of a discussion on what he's doing with the Fantastic Four, and its connections with the Original Sin crossover:
Robinson praised the "Original Sin" concept in its strength in allowing creators a little more freedom to tell stories. "My thanks to Mark Waid because people that know a bit more about me know I was working at DC for many, many years and the day I decided to quit, I didn't know if I was going to drive a taxi the next day," said Robinson. "The day it happened, Mark called me and asked if I wanted to write that Spider-Man book with him."

Robinson's first arc, covering the downfall of the Fantastic Four with The Thing convicted for murder and Johnny Storm losing his powers. "I'm told by many people that it's dark, but if you read it, it isn't that dark. There's still going to be the epic Fantastic Four fighting, they take on an enhanced version of the Wrecking Crew in issue #4. I think Leonard Kirk is doing the best work of his career." The writer said that he tried really hard to incorporate ideas from previous runs in the Fantastic Four's history -- including Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman and Waid. Robinson said he wasn't going to give away anything about his "Original Sin" work, but did say that The Thing is at ground zero of the event, and finds out there was a "betrayal done to him by Johnny and by a lesser extent, Reed."

"The other thing I'm proud of about this is that events from 'Original Sin' will feed through right to the end of my run on it," Robinson added.
Sigh. This man is so out of touch with reality. Any creative freedom you could get from a crossover is selective at best. How can you truly have any when it involves so many contrived, forced ideas only for the sake of stunts?

And isn't that just what we need, to have the Thing sent to prison while Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic backstab him (it sounds eerily reminiscent of a storyline published circa Secret Wars in 1985), as the FF becomes the umpteenth superhero group to turn against each other for the sake of modern PC. Sorry, but a clash with the Wrecking Crew won't compensate.

I've long written off Robinson as one of the most overrated writers of modern times, and shake my head at his lethargic attempts to defend his work. He says one thing he writes is not a retcon when it is, now he says his latest story isn't dark, but sending Ben Grimm to prison on such a serious charge and tying it all in with a ludicrous crossover is as dark as it can get. I heard he once tried to do screenwriting, but it's not hard to guess why he didn't get very far in that career. His whole MO is a joke.

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You left out this bit:

"The "Original Sin" tie-in involves Radiance, a J-Pop superhero, who learns that there was a possibility the Invaders could have prevented the atom bomb being dropped."

That's right. The Invaders' "original sin" was that they didn't prevent the end of World War II. Takes some serious far-left douchebaggery to think that's a "sin."

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Robinson has always been terribly overrated simply due to Starman. I've never all of that series, but even when pretending that it's just as good as everyone says it is, I cannot fathom why some of these fans give him so many breaks. If Garth Ennis had only ever written Preacher and nothing else of significance, I wouldn't give him a pass. I loved hundreds of comics that Chris Claremont wrote in the '70s and '80s -- and I still know well enough to look at every forthcoming work of his with skepticism. Is it not possible for Robinson simply to have hit above his weight class on one series? Why do people have such a hard time accepting that? These are people who follow him from series to series expecting good things every time and always being disappointed. Get a clue.

P.S. I'll bet you anything that the Invader's "sin" story depicts a typically conservative military man as a pro-"Drop-the-Bomb-on-them-[racial epithets]" figure. Lefties don't like to remember that one of their own presidents dropped it.

Lefties also don't like to recall that said President ran as the American Mussolini as well. Right up until we actually started fighting Mussolini and his allies, at which point they mostly decided Stalin was just swell.

They also forget that his SecState, Papa Joe Kennedy, was an avowed Nazi sympathizer.

I also cannot fathom why some of these fans give him so many breaks. in bwi taxi service
but he is really a expert man. If Garth Ennis had only ever written Preacher and nothing else of significance

...so you think massive civilian casualties is okay?

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