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Wednesday, April 09, 2014 

Why do left-wing comics writers want to see the Captain America movie sequel?

I thought about this after reading this latest commentary at Big Hollywood, which argues the movie's script is against Obama's policies:
...there is no question the artistic muse at work in "Winter Soldier" is directed at Obama's outrageous lying, hypocrisy, and extremism on the issue of domestic surveillance. Until it was corrupted, S.H.I.E.L.D. was an espionage agency everyone was comfortable with, including the unfailingly noble Captain America.

This corruption is not presented in the form of the usual-usual left-wing Hollywood bogeyman: the cigar-chomping militaristic general. The corruptor is political and openly expresses the left-wing ethos on just about everything (ObamaCare, abortion, the environment) with a statement along the lines of, "I'm willing to kill 20 million people to save 7 billion."

Obama, his hypocritical left-wing supporters and media minions, are sure to feel an uncomfortable warmth in their faces as the story of Captain America and Black Widow unfold.
I'll have to admit, this is remarkable, even though their earlier commentary about this film being "pro-Edward Snowden" is worrisome and makes the movie potentially awkward.

However, this review reveals something very annoying: S.H.I.E.L.D is being turned dirty, and not every Marvel fan is going to happy with that, since they were supposed to be a noble agency run by good guys like Nick Fury. Here's more on what happens:
The film ends with Captain America (Chris Evans) bringing down SHIELD – a move that has major implications for future films, as well as ABC's Agents of SHIELD. [...]

How did the decision to dismantle SHIELD come about, and what sort of approval did you need from the Marvel brass?

Stephen McFeely: We couldn't do that without Kevin Feige coming in and saying "Hey, it's OK to take down SHIELD." It allows Steve Rogers to effect change. And there's no greater example of the Marvel Universe and how it operates than SHIELD. If Steve can take that down, then he's brought a significant change. We'll throw out ideas, and Kevin doesn't want us to take small steps. So we'll take big swings, and sometimes he'll pull us back and sometimes he'll add to it and say "No. Bigger. Let's take down all of SHIELD." Then we rub our hands together and go, "Fabulous."

Markus: The debate was, "What's a big enough thing for him to tackle?" It can't just be one man is embezzling from the slush fund. When Kevin said "Make it as big as possible. Take down SHIELD," it was like, "Okie-doke."
Even in a movieverse, is that a sacrifice that needs to be made? This sounds dangerously close to the hack job Geoff Johns did with the Guardians council for the Green Lantern Corps. They couldn't have thought up a different agency instead of SHIELD? Oh no, I guess that would be too hard for them, so they took the easy route. I hate to admit, but whatever quality the movie's politics are, I don't think it had to be done at SHIELD's expense.

All that aside, if we look at this movie from the perspective of Breitbart and the script's possible attacks on Obama's policies, one has to wonder why some left-wing comics writers are praising this, and here's a couple who went to see the movie:

Now if the movie contains negative takes on Obama's policies, then obviously, we have to wonder why any of these men, to name but some examples, are coming out in favor. Particularly Brevoort, after he accused Bosch Fawstin of "jingoism". And Waid too, because he supported Obamacare. Without doubt, many of the leftists in comicdom who support Obama's poorest policies will go right back to doing so after seeing the Capt. America sequel. So seriously, why are they lauding it? They're like media minions too, and you'd think they'd also be furious the movie has a POV that goes against what they stand for, no matter how exciting they find the action scenes.

Whatever anyone thinks of SHIELD and how it was handled in the movie, it's strange how all these lefties don't seem to have a problem with the film's politics. But if they realize the script wasn't up to their leftist standards, we have to wonder if one day, they will turn against it and change their minds. IMO, it's something interesting to think about.

Also, it's a shame that whatever the movie's standings, the politics we see today back in the comics are awful.

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Having grown up as SHIELD as the good organization, it's rather unsettling to see it so maligned and deconstructed, these days. But that's how comics roll.

As for "why liberal comic writers think the movie is awesome, when it mocks their politics," good question. I can never figure out liberal behavior, beyond it's all emotional. They're happy the movie is done, and being giddy about that, so I assume some of that is clouding their thinking for now.

Like how you see a hyped movie for the first time, and your critical thinking skills aren't always on, as you're seeing everything for the first time and being excited to see it. And then, with repeated viewings, your brain kicks in, finally, and you go "hey..." I assume that's how they'll figure it out.

And they might not say much, as they don't want to hurt the movie, as Marvel really needs this, since the other recent Marvel films have been kinda hit or miss, save for the Avengers.

That's my -2 cent take.

The movie was undoubtedly intended to lean left, but it undermines its own premise. It tries to deliver a warning about government abuse of power, about how an organization (like SHIELD) created for seemingly legitimate purposes (public safety, national defense) could become corrupt, and about how a well-intentioned program could get out of hand, or go too far.

The allegories for the Patriot Act and drone strikes are obvious, but liberals want to pretend that those things began and ended with the Bush administration. They either forget or ignore that Obama extended the Patriot Act and expanded drone strikes.

And the villains rationalize their actions by citing a need to sacrifice freedom for world peace and public safety. But sacrificing freedom and individual rights for the "common good" is a liberal/"Progressive" idea, not a right-wing one. Leftists are for freedom of choice on a few issues (abortion, gay marriage) but they are anti-freedom on most other issues. They want to outlaw private gun ownership, they want to prosecute "hate speech" (defining "hate" as any disagreement with the government's policies), they even want to license journalists so that all news reports would have to be government-approved.

The Left would be OK with armed heli-carriers if they were shooting at Fox News and the Tea Party instead of at Al Qaeda.

I actually quite enjoyed the movie precisely BECAUSE it made a rather cutting commentary on our government's current conspiracy theory-esque approach to information gathering, and felt that it could easily relate to 'bama and the lefties. I have no doubt in my mind that the moonbats would happily sacrifice the lives of a few thousand for the "good of the many", though I guess lefties are too dumb to realize this movie basically calls the current US government out on its insanity.

Considering the dominance of limousine liberals in Hollywood, I doubt if the movie was supposed to be specifically anti-Obama. As far as I remember, the President of the US is never shown or mentioned. (BTW, IIRC, the president in Iron Man 3 was not even African-American.)

It does reflect the mandatory "blame America first" party line. SHIELD and Hydra are international organizations, but the council members are innocent dupes, and the main villain is an American.

I suspect that lefties are in denial. They reflexively associate spying and assassinations with Bush, and won't admit that those things could be going on under a liberal Democrat.

Speaking of Marvel movies being in some kind of alternate universe, the Black Widow is said to be a former KGB agent. But, unless Natasha is a lot older than the actress who plays her, she would have been six or seven years old when the Soviet Union (and its secret police) fell apart. Maybe the producers never heard of the KGB's successor, the FSB. But they could have used some generic term, like, "Russian Secret Service" or "Russian Intelligence."

Maybe in the Marvel Universe, the Soviet Union never ended. In the comics, the Winter Soldier (originally a KGB hit man) first appeared almost fifteen years after the Soviet Union collapsed in real life.

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