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Tuesday, May 27, 2014 

Chris Roberson blames all (white) men for the Isla Vista murders

Roberson, who worked with DC for a time several years ago, wrote a topic on his blog where he goes the liberal-guilt route as he addresses the issue of the murders in Santa Barbara by the son of a British film director. He says:
But there’s an aspect to this latest tragedy that has skewed the conversation in problematic ways. So many women have been the victims of violent assault that it’s easy for well-intentioned dudes in the majority to play the “Not All Men” game, even if they are smart enough not to SAY that phrase. THEY don’t assault women, after all. They might not even objectify women. They might have had their consciousness elevated, and are consciously feminist, and avoid doing or saying anything that could be interpreted as overly sexist.

But I’m here to tell you, as one of those kinds of guys, that we are STILL part of the problem. Because of the culture that we belong to, and the unexamined assumptions that were engrained in all of us, even those raised by the more forward thinking and progressive of parents. [...]

So what I’m trying to say is this. And I’m speaking to the fellas here. You might not assault women. You might not catcall strangers in the street, or make unwanted advances on coworkers. You might turn up your nose at exploitative advertising or entertainment. But you are the product of a deeply sexist and misogynist culture, and I PROMISE you that there are ingrained assumptions and attitudes that you might well be unaware of that are problematic. Those things are hidden in there, in the shadows somewhere. And they affect your actions and conduct more than you might realize.

So yes, all women have been subjected to sexist and misogynist shit. And yes, ALL men are part of the problem. And we need to do better.
So in his opinion, all males are guilty, with the likely exception of blacks, Islamists, and gays, and women, save for similar groups, are incapable of committing an offense. No, that's not so at all. It's the quality of education, stupid. Here's another comics writer (who first began as a novelist) disinterested in taking issue with the quality of the products that help us build our everyday life. Of course, he was also the same man who nearly penned a Superman story that was potentially pro-Islam, but at the time was cancelled by DC editorial, supposedly embarrassed by the controversy at the time over the Superman-gives-up-citizenship story. Yet when Geoff Johns came up with a similar idea in Green Lantern at least a year afterwards, they were quite fine and gave it their full approval for publication.

Roberson also fails to mention that half the victims of Elliot Rodger were male, which makes his peculiar argument even more dreadful. While I have no doubt Rodger was a militant misogynist, as his murder of 3 men should indicate, his hatred wasn't limited to just women. According to this research on Breitbart California, in the videos he taped of himself, he attacked people of other races too:
His musing about power and sex mingle with rantings about race: he flies into a rage at "an inferior, ugly black boy," an "inferior Mexican," or a "full-blooded Asian" who succeeds at winning the affections or attentions of "white blonde" girls when he, "half white," somehow cannot. He shows little interest in other kinds of women, whom he regards with disdain. He both hates and desires women, but it is status, not sex, that is his true obsession.

The well-to-do Rodgers fantasizes about being a multimillionaire, then repeatedly despairs when he fails to win the lottery. He expresses shock at his own violent fantasies, but takes grim pride in methodically eliminating any hope of redemption from his life. He observes himself with obsessive detail and fantasizes about controlling the world, taking revenge on more successful men and herding women into concentration camps to starve.

It is the testimony of a lucid yet insane young man. It suggests there will be no easy answers, no conclusions to fit neatly into ongoing political debates. He hated women, but his first victims--by design--were the men closest to him. He hoarded guns and ammunition, but used knives and his car as weapons, too. He became obsessed with violent video games [...]
How come Roberson has nothing to say about those details? And if Roberson really feels modern entertainment is guilty of influencing real life tragedies and insulting them to boot, how come he gives nary an example of what he feels is a bad example? No mention of DC's Identity Crisis or Marvel's Avengers: Disassembed in his post, and if he's not brave enough to cite examples, then his liberal guilt trip only gets stuck in the mud.

Author Edward Trimnell has a very good rebuttal to Roberson's liberal propaganda. Maybe Roberson's run out of job offers, so he's hoping his post will help him regain favor with the leftists who abandoned him? I don't know, but after what Roberson's done, I think he's let everybody know he's a pretty bankrupt writer with little talent to offer.

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Yeesh. Suppose a blogger made similar comments about any other group?

After the murders of Delbert Belton, or Fannie Gumbinger, or Catherine Genovese, or Julie Love:

"But there's another aspect to this tragedy that has skewed the conversation in problematic ways. So many white people have been the victims of violent assault that it's easy to play the 'not all blacks' game.

"But I'm here to tell you that black men are STILL part of the problem. Because of the culture that we belong to.

"And I'm speaking to the brothers here. You might not be a mugger, or a carjacker, or a drug dealer. But you are the product of a thug culture. And there are ingrained assumptions and attitudes that affect your actions more than you realize."

Or, after 9-11, or the Boston Marathon bombing, or the TWA hijacking, or the Pan Am bombing, or the Achille Lauro hijacking, or the 1972 Olympics:

"But there's an aspect to this tragedy that has skewered the conversation. So many innocent Christians and Jews have been the victims of terrorism that it's easy for well-intentioned Arabs to play the 'not all Muslims' game.

"But I'm here to tell you that we are STILL part of the problem. Because of the warlike culture and religion we belong to.

"You might not plant bombs. You might not hijack airplanes. You might not shoot children. But you are the product of a warmongering, misogynist, homophobic, bigoted, intolerant culture, and I promise you that there are ingrained attitudes that affect your conduct more than you realize."

I'm sure there are reasonable leftists out there somewhere.

I'm equally sure they are a very, very small and quiet minority of leftists today.

Anonymous is spot-on. Just look at how the microcephalics Slott, Marz, Waid, et. al. jump on guys like Avi, Bosch Fawstin and others who criticize Ms. Marvel. The double standard is beyond laughable.

And still waiting for WHITE MEN Marz, Slott, Waid, Brevoort, Busiek, Roberson, etc. to voluntarily move aside so an historically oppressed person can have their position. After all, how else will we overcome "white privilege?"

Don't hold your breath waiting for Waid, Marz, or Slott to step aside and make room for qualified women or minorities. And don't expect them to give their own land back to Native Americans. Leftists are for affirmative action and social reform, but only as long as it's someone else who has to pay for it.

Drizzt: That's the problem, all the sane people on the left and right are silenced by their much louder braindead cohorts.

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