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Monday, May 26, 2014 

Ron Marz's tweets about the Santa Barbara shootings

From Dan Slott to Marz, here's the latter's tweets on the issue:

Correction: as noted earlier, the authorities in California ignore these dangers now. That was also the case for many years when Phillip Garrido kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugard. It's the police staff we should be galled at for their failure to do anything to keep that monster from committing his crimes. Three times they investigated, but never arrested him.

And no problem with pathetically incompetent police staff who aren't qualified for their jobs, I suppose? There is a problem, and it's Emperor's New Clothes Syndrome.

Correction: society held hostage by corrupt lawmakers and authorities who care less about safety and more about money. It's certainly the case in Britain. And lest we forget, that filth in Isla Vista murdered some of his victims with knives too. Why don't those count?

But isn't that the fault of pathetically incompetent mind evaluators and store managers? Also, most maniacs usually don't think of themselves that way or ask for psychological help; they have to be arrested and brought before the right experts.

That commenter is right. Did the Jeep Cherokee used to murder Noor Almaleki drive itself? No, her father was the guilty one. That's exactly why an argument is needed to make clear that the education and psychology industry are crucial for influencing people to be sane, honest and law-abiding. If that were done, it could reduce crime. Why doesn't anyone ever have anything to say about the quality of education? Is that not important?

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These Bubble Boys KNOW better than us, dammit! They're hotshot comicbook writers!

These Bubble Boys do know that half the victims were STABBED to death, right? Right?

"A gun is different from a car or a hammer." I'm afraid the distinction eludes me. Dead is dead, whether the victim was shot by a homicidal maniac, stabbed by a mugger, run over by a reckless driver, beaten to death by thugs playing "the knockout game," or blown up by terrorists with a pressure cooker.

"Mentally ill people have more access to guns than to health care." Actually, it's illegal for dangerously mentally ill people to own guns. It is not illegal for them to seek psychiatric treatment, but many of them won't submit to treatment voluntarily. And the ACLU has repeatedly gone to court to help psychotics avoid any kind of involuntary treatment or confinement.

"Society mostly ignores these horrors now." Really? Mass shootings usually get nation-wide (and even international) publicity. If you watch the six o' clock news in Topeka, Kansas, you will hear about a shooting spree in Santa Barbara, CA, or in Newtown, CT. But you won't hear about a fatal car crash in Los Angeles, or a victim stabbed to death by muggers on a subway train in New York City. That's partly because such cases don't support the leftist agenda. It's also because traffic accidents (and cases of children drowning in swimming pools, or dying in fires caused by adults smoking carelessly) are so common that they are not considered newsworthy, even locally.

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