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Wednesday, July 23, 2014 

Ron Marz thinks liberals couldn't possibly be disappointed with publicity stunts

Marz is acting as apologist for Marvel's publicity stunt mentality, using the Cap/Thor news as an excuse for attacking conservatives:

Wow, what makes him think that? Personally, I perceive Cap having the same patriotism as Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, the latter who was a Republican supporter, by the way. They were the creators, and they ascribed the specific traits he carries. Interesting how Marz is pushing the notion conservatives are the only ones who can't recognize a fictional character when they see one. Oh, and was the sentiment during WW2 "knee-jerk"? If not, then he'd do better not to imply it is when somebody wants to help turn around countries where slavery is still prevalent, like in north Africa and the UAE, and even wants the Armenian Holocaust (Medz Yeghern) during WW1 recognized nationally.

No, they won't, but it does make me wonder how Marz would react if a Bulgarian-American character became Cap instead of Steve. And I can only wonder what he thinks of The Truth: Red, White and Black with its alarmingly stereotypical artwork, woefully inappropriate for a serious issue.

As mentioned before, Falcon as Cap might've worked once, but under Quesada and Alonso, it's pretty apparent by now it's got publicity stunt written all over it, as judged by the way they babbled about it in the MSM, and Remender's done something to Cap that's easily worse than what Marz did to Hal Jordan, making it harder to credit this current story. What particularly bothers me about how the female Thor's been hyped is that they won't reveal who's taking the role until the issue goes to press. If it's Valkyrie or some other lady with blonde hair, all they have to do is say so, which would probably inspire more confidence and trust. These "surprises" have only proven either mediocre, and in the worst cases, truly awful.

And isn't that nice of Marz to claim righties think Cap is one of them, when it's been pretty clear for years that lefties like him consider mainstream superheroes "their" property only, and it makes little difference if Simon was conservative, or Steve Ditko was the same. A pretty possessive form of thinking.

Yeah, as if not a single leftist could recognize the publicity stunts, nor how these changes aren't based on the quality of writing. Or like no leftists exist who haven't read comics, not even the titles he's written (and if they knew what his GL work was like, some of them would probably feel glad they didn't). There's several million leftists in the USA and more elsewhere who either haven't read comics, and if they did, they've long abandoned the mainstream, since even they find all these retcons and character denigrations unbearable, ditto the editorial mandates.

How about every time a character's background is tarnished, like what Remender's done with Steve's? If it weren't for all those stealth tactics most of the comics and mainstream press seem determined to ignore, it'd be much easier to embrace these "changes". But these are publishers who've developed obsessions with harrassing the intellect of their fans, something Marz seems quite fine with too, and the continuing purchase by speculators and other mindless addicts is only encouraging their continuation down this path.

Marz also brought up a certain musician that raises eyebrows in light of his dislike for Orson Scott Card, who, as noted earlier, was long a Democrat:

Well now, isn't that saying something. The same man who dislikes Card because of his disapproval of homosexuality sees nothing wrong with associating himself with an anti-Israelist like Waters? Tsk tsk. Pretty tacky, I'll say. Of course, it's clear that if Card were Muslim instead of Mormon, he'd have no beef whatsoever. Oddly enough, he still has no issues with Chuck Dixon...

...as his promotion of Winterworld suggests. As I know, he and Dixon collaborated on a Green Lantern/Arrow crossover in 1996, and maybe that's what keeps him from fully turning against Dixon despite his own disapproval of homosexuality as a positive example. Even so, I have to wonder how Marz would react if Dixon were the guy writing Ender's Game, and getting an adaptation for movies.

That said, I don't think Marz ever came to Dixon's defense after he got exiled from DC, and if not, that should tell something about how respectful he is towards a guy he'd once worked with.

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Drinking game: take a shot every time Marz accuses someone (anyone who disagrees with him about anything) of being a racist, sexist or homophobe.

Or take a shot every time a leftist tries to claim that only white male Christian heterosexual Americans can be extremists, and that all Muslims are peaceable.

Or every time American leftists condone and excuse unprovoked violence (terrorists attacking Israel or the US, or mugging, or thugs playing the knockout game), while condemning any use of force in self-defense (the IDF shooting back at terrorists, or a citizen shooting a mugger who was trying to stab him to death, or a cop shooting a bank robber in a gunfight).

You'll be passed out on the floor within ten minutes. And your liver will dissolve.

Funny how many liberals also do not like the current direction for Marvel yet the conservatives get all of the blame. This guy is blind and ignorant.

People "who have never read a comic" don't care about changes in comic book characters. That goes for changing the character's race or gender, rebooting the series, retconning the back story, or killing off a character.

The only people who care about such "events" are fanboy geeks, and most of them lean left politically. They will gush over these cynical marketing ploys and publicity stunts as sincere attempts to promote "diversity."

The current crop of comic book "creators" are egotists with an exaggerated idea of their importance and influence.

"People who have never read a comic" are not losing their minds over the Captain America and/or Thor announcements. Or over Green Lantern, or over casting Batman vs. Superman or the next Fantastic Four movie.

I don't know anyone who is not into comics who cares about the character changes. It sounds as if Marz doesn't know anyone who is not into comics, period.

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