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Monday, July 07, 2014 

Slott believes comics are for every ideology, no matter the components

In his continuing apologia for Marvel's promoting Islam via taqqiya, Slott posted the following:

For every creed and religion? Whoa, seriously? By that logic, even Vikings, Vandals, Nazis, Ottoman Empire savages, Spanish invaders who slew the Aztek and Incan empires, Confederates, Communists and Marxists deserve heroes too. And I guess he also thinks Neturei Karta, NAMBLA and the Scientologists deserve heroes. Say, maybe he thinks white supremacists and Islamic homophobes deserve "heroes"! And I thought he was against them! Gee, how much more illogical can Slott get? A great medium should not be abused by approving the notion that barbarian movements should be encouraged to exploit it.

And curious how somebody who writes a tweet like that's never argued in favor of introducing heroes and co-stars for mainstream books inspired by apostates from Islam like Brigitte Gabriel, 9-11 Families members like Tim Sumner, or even right-wingers who aren't depicted one-dimensionally.

Since we're on the subject, a tweet by one of Slott's cultists...

...made me think of a little something originally published in The New Mutants #25 in the mid-80s, featuring a character named David Charles Haller, aka Legion and illegitimate son of Charles Xavier, and the following panel should give an idea what his premise involved:
Chris Claremont may have been a leftist, but back at the time, unlike many you see today, he did address the subject of jihadism, and how Haller's backlash at the terrorists who attacked the embassy he was at backfired when he absorbed the brain energy of the leader, Jemail Karami, who later tried to take over his brain, but faced competition from at least two other dormant brain patterns inside Haller's head to boot (in early 90s, when this story was followed up on, they really botched it). It may not have named Islam directly, but the criticism was there. I've got a feeling that tweeter knows Claremont did this story, and if so, I think he was just trying to score brownie points while remaining oblivious. If he didn't know about this story, but does own the issues, I'd suggest he sell them off before the retail value gets too low, and besides, he wouldn't want to make a laughing stock of himself by upholding a franchise that did once depict Islamofascism negatively, now would he? LOL. If that tweeter really thinks I'm full of hate/fear, he should get a good look at Claremont and even Louise Simonson back in the 80s! And "minority"? We're talking about those who embrace the worst content of the Koran/Hadith, including such chillers as Sahih Muslim 6985 and Sahih Bukhari 4.52.177. Stuff that Slott, in all his obsessive blindness, deliberately turns a blind eye to.

It'll be interesting to see how many of the would-be readers bowing before Slott still want to read Claremont's X-books after they realize he did more or less write something they consider anathema to their narrow beliefs. And one can only wonder what Slott thinks of the same scribes now, no matter what their political standings today.

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Dan's tweet is an attempt to get a higher market-share. He wants to come off as supportive of everyone while he really is being a hypocrite to others "Christians" under the coat of "tolerance". He will ignore parts of the situation while only looking at the good. You are accused of being a bigot for knowing facts, and I do not think you hate Muslims.

Let me ask you would you be more supportive of the new Ms. Marvel if it showed her dealing with the true issues of her culture?

Sorry that last post was from truth.

I'd certainly be more supportive if the story were more honest about what Islam is built on, and if the writers were willing to quote some of the most eyebrow raising verses in the Koran and Hadith. But it's something unlikely to happen in mainstream comics for a long time, if they're even still around by the end of the 21st century.

You've called Ms. Marvel a dismal series, but in your last post about it, you make it clear you haven't read it for yourself.

You say Ms. Marvel's author, Wilson, is "ill-informed". Are you aware that she, unlike yourself, is a practicing Muslim?

It sounds like you have a rigid view of what you think Islam is and how you believe all Muslims act. Is it possible that you're wrong and that, like Christians, Jews, and followers of other religions, Muslims around the world follow their faith in different ways?

Thank you for responding Avi, I asked because I wanted it to be shown that you are clearly not a bigot and you are just wanting them to show the bigger picture. I think many people will not take the time to really read your point and they are quick to jump on the hatred wagon.

The same old double standard: Islamic terrorism is "a handful of individuals within a minority." But "all men" are to blame for rape, all white people share the blame for racism, and all "right wingers" are to blame for "gun violence." People like Ron Marz, Chris Roberson, Daniel Kalban, and Mark Waid believe in collective guilt, but only when it applies to a group that they don't like.

And leftists insist that terrorists are a "handful of individuals," but when we retaliate against those individuals, the leftists accuse us of persecuting all Muslims. Just as they accuse us of racism when a mugger or drug dealer (one individual, who happens to be black) gets arrested.

And some people who consider themselves Muslims (including the creator of Ms. Marvel) may follow their faith in different ways, but Muslims who wish to live in peace and harmony with non-Muslims are out of touch with the basic tenets of their own professed religion. The Koran is not all that complicated. Muslim terrorists are following the spirit and the letter of Islam.

Slott claims he's Jewish. Why would he want to promote a religion that wants him dead?

Another Dan Slott twist. So lets be clear you want the comic to be a little more true rather than blame the U.S for everything. You want the book to show the struggle with the negatives of the characters history as well as the positive and this makes you a bigot?

I think the real bigot is Dan Slott. Where is his excuse for things like" go build Hobby Lobby in Christ-land".
Or calling people assholes that do not agree with him.

Dan you can make long rants all you want but you are a hypocrite and you use twitter to spread lies and hate for your own personal agenda.

Dan Slott trying to act tolerant while being intolerant:

"Comics are for every race, creed, color, religion, gender & orientation that I approve of."

There, fixed it for ya, Dan.

The Beat gets it wrong again:

Ms. Marvel
02/14 Ms. Marvel #1 - 50,286 ( --- ) [5,374]
03/14 Ms. Marvel #2 - 38,357 (-23.7%) [3,440]
04/14 Ms. Marvel #3 - 37,140 ( -3.2%)

So Ms. Marvel is a huge success for Marvel, not only was the issue 2 sales drop very small, but the issue 3 sales drop was only around 1000 copies, and there were strong re-orders on issue 1 and 2. I would not be surprised if issue 4 and 5 see a sales increase. Perhaps, there is a benefit to introducing exciting new diverse and well-realized characters to your aging roster.

When in reality:
Ms Marvel

1 50286
2 38357 -.237
3 37140 - .03
4 34839 -.06
5 33795 -.029

Sales continue to go down not up. "I would not be surprised if issue 4 and 5 see a sales increase. Perhaps, there is a benefit to introducing exciting new diverse and well-realized characters to your aging roster."

Wrong again. Maybe people buy comics for good stories not because of new diverse and "well-realized" characters.

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