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Wednesday, July 23, 2014 

Slott's ambiguity (and Brevoort's too)

More know-it-all sainthood from Dan Slott, which begins with a Q&A on Tom Brevoort's site:
Peter Parker has been said to be ambiguously Jewish. Why would you let Slott force him to team up with a member of the faith that seeks to destroy Jews and all "infidels?"

Careful, anonymous sir, your racism is showing!
As usual, it's just like Brevoort to make no distinctions whatsoever between race and religion. Sigh, I hesitate to think what kind of educational institute he studied in. I don't know if Slott intends to team Spidey up with an Islamist (though I wouldn't put it past him to plan that now), but the poster who wrote that query is somebody whom I want to thank for raising the topic. I guess in the mind of Brevoort/Slott, defending Jews from Islamofascism is reprehensible? Very sad. I do know that a decade ago, Paul Jenkins wrote a story using a morally equivalent depiction of Muslims, where Spidey had to rescue a PLO operative from Dr. Octopus. I wonder if that's what the poster really meant?

Anyway, here's some tweets Slott wrote in followup:

Alas, yes, he is. It's not clear if he's truly proud of his racial background. It's less clear if he even likes his community's founding religion, Judaism. Where does he even stand on Hamas, who launched rockets galore at Jewish neighborhoods, even around my vicinity in Israel, and murdered three yeshiva students? Where does he stand on a Muslim cabbie who murdered a 19-year-old woman? Come to think of it, what does he think of all the Islamofascists in France and other parts of Europe who terrorized Jews and worse, murdered their victims? Ambiguity indeed.

It's only in the minds of the worst ignoramuses that Muslims couldn't possibly turn against Jews and commit taqqiya, as he's doing himself now (H/T: New English Review). It's only in the minds of such ignos that we shouldn't look at such Satanic Verses, as Salman Rushdie called them, as the repellent declarations they are against Jews and Christians. And it's only in said minds that an apostate from Islam couldn't possibly know what the religion he/she left is like.

But it will be soon, and in a bad way. Don't underestimate what Slott/Brevoort could have in mind now.

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Islam is not a race, it is a religious and political ideology (and the Arab countries are theocracies, where there is no separation between church and government). It is no more "racist" to criticize Islam that it was to criticize Nazism during WWII. But Brevoort, like most leftists, is pre-programmed to automatically yell "racism" whenever anyone says anything that he doesn't like.

And Slott is Jewish when it's convenient. That is, he condones Islamofascism, and then, if anyone calls him out on it, he uses his ethnicity to claim a moral high ground: "But I'm Jewish myself!" As if that, in itself, proves that he could not possibly support the enemies of America and Israel.

There were Jewish collaborators in Germany during the Holocaust.

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