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Friday, July 18, 2014 

The Falcon takes over as Capt. America

First it was a resurrected Bucky. Now it's Sam Wilson, the Falcon, only this time, it's more in the name of diversity than authentic storytelling. I'd almost forgotten to post about this, but now, here's an article about the latest Marvel stunt:
Continuing the trend of diversifying their lineup of heroes, Marvel announced on last night's episode of The Colbert Report that the next Captain America will be Sam Wilson – currently known as The Falcon.

Through an interview with Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, Stephen Colbert broke the news that because current Captain Steve Rogers will have his powers drained, Wilson will have to pick up the star-emblazoned shield.
So, that awful man who destroyed the Spider-marriage for the sake of nothingness is still around, much like Dan DiDio? I think that's reason for people to avoid this rendition. If this had been done back in the 1980s, it might've been worth reading. But with people like Quesada pulling the strings? Nope, I'd say it's only reason to give pause. Unsurprisingly, they're also going to relaunch this series, and:
The new series will be called All-New Captain America. [...]
How original indeed. When DC pulled a diversity stunt like this with the Atom, they also called that book "The All-New Atom", yet it went nowhere fast. This is no improvement, because with Quesada clearly in charge, it only makes the publicity stunt more obvious.

And since Falcon can fly, doesn't that seem kind of outlandish for whoever dons the Cap suit, since Steve Rodgers doesn't fly, just does amazing acrobatics? Sam Wilson really deserves his own series as the Falcon, yet once again, Marvel's editors can only prove their disinterest in selling specific characters on their own terms based on the writing quality. Speaking of which, is Rick Remender still going to be the writer? After the repellent ideas he injected into Cap's current volume, that's one more reason why not to recommend this latest step, yet the news sources writing about this have no interest in bringing that up.

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