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Sunday, August 24, 2014 

The Marz contempt continues

Ron Marz has released yet more of his disrespect for everyone to see. First:

Yeah, including him! Why can't he look at himself in the mirror? Chuck Dixon sets a far better example than he does. Next, a tweet connected to Ferguson:

Seems there's at least a few leftist dudes like him who don't lament the looting and violence that struck the city. Not very ironic either, eh? He even thumbs his nose at a blogger who panned his work:

Every project he's worked on is his favorite, even those he suggests aren't. The man made it no secret years ago he was a publicity seeker, and anyone who's looking for it at all costs can't be a very dedicated writer.

If only he'd admit he went overboard with Green Lantern's fridge scene, and didn't accomplish much in terms of introducing organic co-star girlfriends, rather than mainly 2 superheroines who deserved better. Dick Giordano admitted before his death he regretted emphasizing so much darkness when he was senior editor at DC, so why can't Marz admit he relied on a bad setup for GL?

On a related note, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and that's why it's crucial to discuss old products as much as new ones, including his own.

Which side is he talking about? Alas, I've a bad feeling he's not talking about the rioters and molotov cocktail throwers who vandalized property in Ferguson. And he's still oblivious to the witnesses backing up the policeman.

It's devastating, right down to Marz's contempt for many people who disagree with him. Like in the following tweet he doubtless wrote out of spite for people like myself:

Yeah, keep it up there and stay classy, Marz. Signaling spite for dissenters does no favors for your already inflated ego, and only serves to alienate a lot more audience. Shunning Orson Scott Card while fully embracing anti-Israelists like Waters does not inspire confidence you can learn from your errors.

And if Marz can't respect his critics, that only compounds the feeling some get that he's a poor writer.

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Marz: "Nobody cares about your explanations or justifications. Own that you did something stupid, say you're very sorry, and then SHUT UP."

Me: "@ronmarz *Cough* Emerald Twilight *cough* Sorry, we're you saying something?"

The rioters and looters are "protesters." Like those community organizers who staged a "spontaneous protest" at Benghazi.

The PC party line re: Ferguson is, "The cop is white, so he's guilty. End of story." If you say, "I want more facts than that before forming an opinion," then your attitude is "abject and unapologetic racism."

But then, any disagreement with Marz is "racism."

Now I'm going to go donate to gofundme.com/SupportOfficerWilson.

And I'm also going to donate to Friends of the Israeli Defense Force (fidf.org) and the Israel Emergency Alliance (standwithus.com). Both donations in honor of Roger Waters. :)

"The rioters and looters are "protesters." Like those community organizers who staged a "spontaneous protest" at Benghazi."

Agreed there is a big difference between a protest and looting and attacking police.

"Marz: "Nobody cares about your explanations or justifications. Own that you did something stupid, say you're very sorry, and then SHUT UP."

If Marz really believed that he would never be able to talk. Not even his twitter pack will stand by him. He launches them at people like you and look at what little support he really gets. The guy is nothing but a loon.
I think people watch him to see how big of a fool he makes of himself.

"Sweet! Paid to be awful for 25 years."

Many a true word has been spoken in jest.

"Sweet! Paid to be awful for 25 years."

So, he admitted he was awful? Wow, he sure showed everyone else. What's he gonna do for an encore? Walk into a refrigerator?

And incidentally, it's pretty pathetic for him to carry on like that just because some random blog gave him a bad review. What a child.

"Awful" is an awfully mild term.

I prefer "Made my eyes bleed to read his scripts."

His track record speaks for itself "poor".

You should thank him at this point for continuing to send you more traffic. I think Ron may be your biggest fan.

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