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Saturday, February 28, 2015 

Busiek retweets misinfo from Norway

Here's a screencap of a retweet Busiek did, of a story from Norway:
I'm afraid he bought into a dreadful media hoax - only 20 Muslims actually came:
According to a local eyewitness, only about 20 or so Muslims formed the “ring of peace” around the Oslo synagogue. In fact, pictures from multiple angles show that there wasn’t enough people to form a ring, so the locals instead formed a horizontal line in front of the synagogue.
Worse still is that one of the organizers made anti-Jewish and even anti-gay statements:
Chishti was one of a number of people from the Muslim community to organise the event, but has been known in the past to make anti-Semitic statements.

In 2009, he was booed off stage at Oslo's Litteraturhuset after giving a speech entitled Why I Hate Jews And Gays - although he insists he did not come up with the title.

"There were several thousand Jews away from work in the World Trade Center, and why were there more Jews in Mumbai when Pakistani terrorists attacked than usual?" he said, alluding to conspiracy theories that the Jewish community knew about the 2001 attack in New York in advance.

"Jews are a small group, but everyone knows that they have a lot of power."

Chishti admitted he previously held these views, but assured he now considers them "embarrassing".

"I have reflected a fair amount about the state of things since then," he told Norway's VG newspaper. "I was very angry at that time. Since that meeting, I've had many discussions about Islam, and I've developed a more nuanced picture of everything."

However, he did not refute his previous public condemnations of Israel.
And Busiek thinks this was something worth mention? By contrast, I can't say I've seen him retweeting about the Jerusalem mayor's heroic act in capturing a jihadist. What makes the misinformation from Norway worth noting, but not the heroism of Jerusalem's mayor? For a man who's written the adventures of superheroes, Busiek doesn't seem to have the same faith in real life figures.

On the other hand, here's something Busiek posted himself:

I'm betting this won't sit well with Dan Slott and Ron Marz when they see Busiek saying what may conflict with their visions of diversity, even if they don't tell him directly. Incidentally, is Busiek aware that the cartoonist the awards are named for was critical of Muslim anti-semitism when he published his last graphic novel, The Plot: The Secret Story of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion? It's worth wondering why he values an award named after a guy whose politics did differ from Busiek's.

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For a guy with an encyclopedic knowledge of comics continuity, he sure ain't very bright in other realms.

And if he's miffed about only white guys winning the Eisner, then why doesn't he give his to Gail Simone ... or some other female (or minority)? It's pretty simple, actually.

And Wilson can't resist adding Muslim propaganda to X-Men #25. It was a flashback to Monet St. Croix's past (who was not a Muslim until a few years ago when Peter David made her one) where her mother tells her to recite the first chapter of the Koran and in the present she does and it helps her concentrate. I hope you cover this. It's more Islamization of American comics and continuing a half-cocked idea to make Monet Muslim just because her mother is Algerian.

I was referring to G. Willow Wilson by the way.

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