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Tuesday, February 24, 2015 

Fishy comments by Ethan VanSciver

I'd heard that artist VanSciver was a conservative. But last month, he tweeted a few posts involving the Charlie Hebdo massacre that make me uncertain that's really his stance. First, here's the positive posts and a screencap of a retweet:

So far, so good. He's expressing solidarity. But, here's where it becomes less certain:

First off, it's not good there's a hashtag like that turning up. In fact, it's very bad. But this honestly reeks of liberal mentality to say it was done in the name of a few, or to ignore the Koran's influence, and I don't like his inference that the writers at Charlie Hebdo's office who were murdered were "martyrs". This tragedy should not have happened, and to suggest the contributors are martyrs by being murdered is offensive to their memory. And that's not all Van Sciver's said:

He goes on to say that "innocent" Muslims are killed by Americans abroad all the time, and that's another serious detractor from his credibility as a would-be conservative. It's offensive to US army officials fighting to defeat jihadists overseas, and his retweet of some taqqiya claiming it's not about religion doesn't help matters either. What about all the Muslims killed by their own fellow Muslims? Note to Van Sciver: research the Koran before buying into taqqiya at face value.

As for the bombing at the NAACP, it turns out the culprit was targeting an accountant's office nearby in revenge for the businessman's failure to address his financial problems, and not the NAACP's office at all. But even if it was what they initially suspected, has it ever occurred to Van Sciver that what happened in Paris also stemmed at least partly from racism, along with the hatred for infidels who dare mock their "prophet"? It sounds like he was "reverting to type" pretty fast there.

This info makes it a lot less certain Van Sciver's really a conservative. If anything, he might be an alleged libertarian like Ron Paul. Thanks to this dismaying info, Van Sciver is adding himself to a growing list of artists and writers who, if their work is worth something, will have to be taken with a grain of salt.

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Actually, conservatives are as bad as liberals when it comes to parroting the PC party line about Islam. They constantly bend over backwards trying to avoid appearing "racist" or "Islamophobic."

Even shortly after 9-11, President Bush made a speech emphasizing that Islam is "a peaceful religion," that most Muslims were peace-loving and law-abiding, that the terrorists were a tiny minority of extremists who had "hijacked" the religion for their own ends, and that we were at war against terrorism, not against Islam. (Of course, even that is not enough to appease a lot of leftists. The accusations of racism and Islamophobia still flew.)

Liberals sound similar when they tweet that the majority of Muslims are innocent, and that the terrorists are an extremist minority. But they also blame the extremists' actions on provocation by the US and Israel (e.g., the false rumor that a Koran had been desecrated), and say that we need to address the terrorists' "legitimate grievances."

And that's when they even admit that there is such a thing as Muslim extremism. A lot of them insist that all Muslims (without one exception) are peaceable people, and that all terrorist attacks, including 9-11, are inside jobs by agents provocateurs working for the CIA and/or Mossad.

Either way, the official PC policy is: blame America first.

'Martyrs of liberty,' more like martyrs of nihilism.

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