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Thursday, February 19, 2015 

Hayao Miyazaki goes defeatist again

Anime scriptwriter/producer Miyazaki has decided to join the side of those who don't think Charlie Hebdo should've satirized Mohammed:
Speaking to Japanese media and reported on the Kotaku blog, Miyazaki said of the attacks: “For me, I think it’s a mistake to make caricatures of what different cultures worship. It’s a good idea to stop doing that.”

His comments go against much of the sentiment in the wake of the attacks, which is that while Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons were arguably offensive, the magazine’s right to publish them must be protected and championed.

Miyazaki added that satirists should focus on targets closer to home: “First and foremost, [caricatures] should be made of your own country’s politicians; it just looks suspect to go after political leaders from other countries.”
Well gee, they do it all the time there. Point: the "prophet" of Islam dwelled in the 7th century, not today. Still, if that's what he thinks, then why doesn't he complain about all the American and European press sources who constantly attack Israel's right-wing politicians for all the wrong reasons?

This is nothing new coming from Miyazaki. He was against the Iraq war, and even in his own anime films, he can't seem to make up his mind on various issues.

Since we're on the subject, a Japanese company that translated nazi/communist screeds is now coming up with a manga version of the Koran. And to make matters worse, their press release doesn't inspire confidence they'll be honest about it:
The Koran is the foundation of the daily life and ideology of people who believe in the teachings of Islam. The name Islam is often heard in the daily news, but because we Japanese aren't usually familiar with it, a perverted image [of Islam] as abstemious or linked to terrorism is liable to persist. So what kind of teachings do [Muslims] actually believe in? What are they thinking about? To understand the modern international community and Islam, let's try to experience the scriptures where all that is written down.
We already know about the modern world community; it's the Koran we don't. But from what East Press is saying here, I don't think you can count on them to translate it honestly and admit what turns up inside is horrific.

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Either you have freedom of speech and freedom of the press, or you don't. If certain subjects are off limits because certain groups must not be insulted or offended, then there is no point in having newspapers or magazines. Or TV, radio, or the internet, either. Whatever the subject, I guarantee that someone, somewhere, will claim to be offended by it.

Christians and Jews often see images in the media that they find offensive. That is the price we pay for freedom. And Muslims are not entitled to privileges that members of other religions don't have.

Miyazaki doesn't seem like the type of filmmaker you'd enjoy.

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