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Thursday, April 09, 2015 

New Bloodshot comments on gun control

Complex wrote about Jeff Lemire's new take on Valiant's Bloodshot, and gives an unclear statement about gun control issues:
In Lemire's hands, Bloodshot becomes a lens through which to view contemporary cultural violence in all its sadness and absurdity. Lemire doesn't shy away from disturbing or raw subject matter, taking American issues, like gun control, head on. "It’s very relevant to today’s world," says Lemire of the book. "The amount of gun violence every year, the mass-shootings, the horror in the real world—these are terrible, horrible things. It occurred to me that I could actually use this two-dimensional action hero to comment on that. If you’re going to show those thing and use them as a plot device, you better have something to say, otherwise it’s just irresponsible, I think."
But how does he comment? From which end of the political spectrum? That's what they remain ambiguous about, and chances are it could sport a viewpoint that doesn't support allowing self-defense for innocents, and act as though guns are more a problem than any of the people using them. If that's how it turns out, that'll be the real sadness and absurdity.

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Judging by Lemire's use of the term "gun violence" (instead of just "violence" or "violent crime"), I would bet that he intends to focus on the inanimate objects (firearms), and to use them as the scapegoat. And he will ignore any other relevant issues (a revolving-door legal system that allows criminals and psychotics to wander around loose, a welfare system that rewards irresponsible behavior, a thug culture that glorifies aggression).

And the "amount of gun violence every year" seems much greater than it is, and "the mass shootings" seem common, because they get a lot of publicity.

Mass shootings are (thankfully) rare. And every mass shooting in the US in the past fifty years took place in a designated gun-free zone.

Much of the violent crime (including "gun violence") in the US takes place in a few cities. And, even then, much of it involves criminals murdering other criminals (turf wars between rival gangs, drug deals that went bad), rather than some maniac shooting innocent kids in a school. When a criminal gets shot, though, the media always portray him as an innocent victim. That goes for criminals murdered by other criminals, and for criminals justifiably shot in self-defense (whether by police or by private citizens). (Tamerlane Tsarnaev, the terrorist killed in a gunfight with police, was counted in statistics as a "victim of gun violence.")

The US violent crime rate is one of the three dozen worst in the world. But, if you exclude Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, New York, and Washington D.C., it drops to one of the ten lowest. And most of those cities that skew the statistics are in states with strict gun control laws.

More children drown in swimming pools than get shot. More people die in traffic accidents than get shot. But the media are obsessively focused on "gun violence."

That is not to say that innocent people are never murdered by criminals. But a shooting gets a lot of publicity, while an unarmed victim beaten to death by thugs playing the "knockout game" gets ignored. The latter doesn't serve to further the Left's agenda.

Why can't the media focus on other weaponry like arrows or plain old fists, just because guns of any kind have been overproduced enough allowing any idiot with half a brain cell to get a hold of one doesn't mean all other forms of violent death should be allowed to go unnoticed by people only focused on "shocking" crime moments.

Media need to play important role in gun control issue.

All All agencies and organizations should join this

Gun control issue is an important problem at this time.
Your post is very nice !

Gun control is big problem with not only US but worldwide. We dont want "Pulse" happen again

It is a very dangerous rule for sure especially when the guns landed in the hands of mentally unstable individuals.

It discuss most of people, and for more information follow this link

Yes, how dare someone support the rights protected by the constitution, they're no better than racist murdering terrorists!

Yes. The bill banned a class of weapons. Didn't ban guns. Pretty reasonable.

If law abiding citizens are armed, the rioting is put to bed pretty quickly and hopefully only the bad guys get hurt. Glad we are not in the UK. Someone tries to start a riot in my neck of the woods they would be in a world of hurt pretty quick.

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