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Saturday, April 11, 2015 

Why does he think more people would talk about a sitcom than the jihad attack in Kenya?

Ron Marz has several more tweets to scrutinize, starting with one about al-Shabab's jihad at a Kenya university:

Does he realize many of the press companies who may not be commenting about this so much happen to come from the same political background as he does? Oh, and does he realize what ideology the jihadists adhere to, and what they want in Somalia?

Is this some kind of sarcasm? Because if he thinks he's being clever, he's failed miserably. Whatever deal the current administration wants to do with Iran will not prevent them from continuing nuclear building, and only enables them to keep storing and developing more. Notice also how he uses a line reminiscent of a "blood and treasure" line some anti-war advocates might've used.

Gee, and this was the man who supposedly condemned the crackpots making threats against the store owners. I think he can figure out that's just why people made donations, including a lesbian who supports religious liberty.

Oh, and just more recently, he posted this photoshop picture of himself...

...superimposed over Chuck Norris' body holding a machine gun. Yep, the same man who advocates gun control is speaking out of multiple sides of his mouth again. And using material from the onetime films of a man who became a Republican supporter, and whose politics are the opposite of Marz's.

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If more people were talking about the jihad attack in Kenya, Marz would accuse them of Islamophobia. And if anyone suggested using military force to stop the jihadists, Marz would accuse them of warmongering.

Iran declared war on the US in 1979. That declaration has never been rescinded. They have said that their goal of destroying Israel is not negotiable. And they are developing intercontinental missiles, which obviously have nothing to do with a "peaceful" nuclear program.

Obama's "diplomacy" is worse than Neville Chamberlain's appeasement policy. At least Chamberlain did not actively seek to supply weapons to Hitler. The agreement with Iran not only allows them to develop nuclear weapons, it will trigger an arms race in the Middle East, as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan will have to acquire nukes to maintain a balance of power.

Memories Pizza is a restaurant, not a caterer. They said that they would serve any customers (including gay people) who came into the restaurant. Then the TV reporter asked a question about catering a gay wedding. Then the TV station reported, falsely, that the restaurant "denies some services" to gay people. And the restaurant owners ended up receiving death threats over their answer to a hypothetical question about a service that their business does not offer (to anyone) in the first place.

Catering is different from serving customers in a store or restaurant, because the caterer becomes a participant in the event. Maybe a florist can drop off the bouquet and leave before the ceremony starts, but a photographer has to stay throughout the wedding. Presumably, the clients will want pictures of themselves exchanging their vows, and kissing. Which is a problem if same-sex marriage is against that photographer's religion.

And maybe a bakery can drop off the cake and leave, but there is still a problem. The customers might want a cake with figurines of two brides or two grooms. Or the words, "Congratulations Ellen and Portia" on the cake. Arranging the cake to those specifications would, in effect, condone or endorse the marriage. Again, it's a problem when gay marriage is against the baker's religion.

And, of course, it's always Christian-owned small businesses that are targeted. When is a TV reporter going to go to a Muslim mosque and ask if they would perform a gay wedding? Or go to a Muslim-owned bakery and ask them if they would bake a wedding cake with "Congratulations Adam and Steve" on it?

And it's odd that the TV station went to a pizzeria to ask the question. Repeat: a pizza shop. Have you ever heard of anyone trying to hire a pizza shop to cater a wedding?

Why not go to a caterer, bakery, florist, or wedding photographer? Evidently, the reporter could not find one who would give the "wrong" answer. (The "wrong" answer being the "right" answer if you are trying to stir up a controversy.) Smells like a setup.

Those con artists at Memories Pizza were clever. First, they opened a pizza restaurant. Then they waited ten years for the state to pass a controversial law. (A law that could, theoretically, allow businesses to refuse to provide services if doing so would violate the business owner's religion.)

Then the clever crooks waited for the local TV station to come and ask them a hypothetical question about catering gay weddings. Their business is a restaurant, not a caterer, but they counted on the TV station interviewing them about a service that their business does not provide. They also counted on the TV station interviewing them instead of a business (florist, caterer, wedding photographer) traditionally associated with weddings. (Have you ever heard of pizza being served at a wedding)? And they counted on the TV reporter misquoting them, slanting the story, and claiming that they "deny service" to gay customers.

Then they waited for the harassment, bullying, and death threats. And then they waited for someone to set up a PayPal account to accept donations from "suckers."

It's all part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

On the whole, people are pretty stupid and silly, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if they talked more about tv shows than important things.

Marz does not have the right to put his head on Chucks body.

He is not worthy.

It's amazing what some people will do for a quick buck or a minute of fame. On that note: how many "conservatives" or "liberals" are the real McCoy and not just people saying they are just to get noticed or discovered?


'Nuff said. ;-)

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