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Monday, August 31, 2015 

New Captain America movie draws from Civil War?

If this report on Cheat Sheet is correct, the new Captain America sequel is going to be based on one of the worst crossover stories of the century:
We’re still a long ways off from the release of Captain America: Civil War, but that hasn’t stopped speculation from running rampant across the Internet. The biggest question that’s loomed since the movie was announced has concerned the split down the middle of Earth’s mightiest heroes. The basic plot of the story pulled from the comics pits Iron Man against Captain America, with the rest of the heroes in the Marvel universe forced to pick sides in an epic battle. That being so, the MCU hasn’t always walked in lock-step with the comics, leading us to wonder what exactly the teams will be.

Thanks to a leak of artwork from the film online the other day though, we now know exactly who will be fighting who. In the comics, the core conflict centers around Iron Man working with the U.S. Congress to pass legislation requiring all superheroes to register with the government. Captain America takes issue with this, forming a rogue resistance of heroes to take on Iron Man and his allies. Until now, the members of this team have been anyone’s guess. [...]
I'm not amused. Quesada, Millar and Bendis crafted one of the most insulting stories possible, where you find yourself in the maddening position of rooting against a character you might happen to like, and this is what gets made into a movie? On which note, look what they say about Ant-Man:
Ant-Man: He doesn’t appear in the above promo image, but you can see Scott Lang perched on Captain America’s shoulder in another over here. Lang went to prison as a social justice warrior, so you can bet he’ll be ready to take on the U.S. government when called upon.
A government which could allude to a right-wing administration, but not a left-wing. There's plenty of leftism in Hollywood, and a story that echoes their views on film should be no surprise.
Additionally, there’s still no word on Spider-Man or the Hulk, although we imagine we’re not going to see at on of either hero anyway. The battle between Captain America and Iron Man draws a political line in the sand. On one side, you have Tony Stark, a man looking to protect the world from super-powered individuals who’ve proven in the past to be more destructive than helpful. On the other, you have Steve Rogers championing civil liberties. It’s the age old debate of safety coming at the cost of freedom, and we’ll get to see it play out to a hopefully satisfying conclusion next year.
To be fair, I hope it only turns out to be a mind-control plot by a supervillain, but what if that's not the case? And even if it is, that won't change the fact that the source material is some of the worst politicized slop of the past decade. It was an insult to the intellect nobody should waste their money on, yet there were quite a few people buying out of inertia who did. And while this whole mess was playing itself out, Peter Parker unmasked himself as Spidey, which served as the catalyst for writing Spidey into a corner so they could justify the plot of Peter selling out to Mephisto and erasing his marriage to Mary Jane. I'd think anybody who realizes what a monstrosity all the ideas spinning out of Civil War were would do better to avoid a movie basing itself even tenuously on the crossover.

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Well, there's always the possibility that either the story as greatly changed or it will make more sense than it did before, but seeing as how it's a live-action adaption of a comic magazine story, I doubt it'll be worth the ticket money to go see it, anymore than the ones before it.

Civil War was an obvious allegory about the Bush administration and the Patriot Act, so a lot of limousine liberals in Hollywood would consider it obsolete and irrelevant now. Of course, maybe by the time the movie is released, a Republican will be POTUS, and Hollywood (and comics) will be back to portraying the US government as the villains again.

The whole "hero vs. hero" premise may be too esoteric for general audiences. That goes for Batman vs. Superman as well as Captain America vs. Iron Man.

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