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Thursday, September 17, 2015 

Conway comments on the clockmaker

Gerry Conway linked to a Vox article about a Muslim school student in Texas who was arrested over suspicion of making a bomb-clock:

Pity he considers Vox the place to go for this news. And, that he's overlooking the more serious topics involved. The "clock" looked more like a metal suitcase, the kind a bomb could be stored in. Evidently, this was what alarmed the school staff and authorities. Yet this doesn't seem to mean much to Conway, nor how there's other students in other schools who performed questionable actions yet nobody condemned them for it.

Yes, it could be the school overreacted, and some have pretty poor policies already as it is. But the student still had poor taste in how to make a clock. Yet he of all people gets an invite to the White House in contrast to others who didn't, all because of his religious background. And men like Conway can only worry themselves about the wrong crowd.

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Selective outrage. And the usual leftist double standard.

Did Conway complain about the kid in Maryland getting suspended for biting a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun? Or the kids (also in Maryland) suspended for "simulating weapons" (pointing their fingers) while playing cops-and-robbers? Or the kid in Arizona who got suspended for using a picture of a gun as a screen saver on his laptop?

Political correctness being what it is now, a Muslim could board a commercial flight while carrying an AK-47 and a hand grenade. TSA would be afraid to stop him. If they did, they would get fired for "Islamophobia." And the terrorist would get an invitation to the white house.

Indeed about the usual double standards, and, really, the nonsense that is zero tolerance. But I believe that than the usual "everyone's being racist!!!" about this. Seeing the "clock," I can understand why the nervous ness. Wish the kid made a cuckoo clock, instead.

Although, I'm sure Obama invited the kid for a few extra reasons:


The dad is interesting, too, if he keeps running to Sudan all the time.

Anon: Of course not! They were GUNS!! We know how Boss Obama feels about THOSE!

The school didn't have to cuff and fingerprint the kid; all they had to do was ask his engineering teacher what was up.

But as Anon said, this is all selective outrage. And the school is quite limited in how it can respond due to privacy laws.


Oh, and why didn't Conway comment about the BLACK cop in the background, hmm? I can hear him now: "That poor soul has been co-opted by the white privilege power structure ...!"

If it wasn't for the religion angle, I'd say this would be just another "object that looks like a gun" incident, only with a portable bomb for a little variety.

Liberals, who can't tell a Pop Tart or an index finger from a handgun, are insisting that they would have known better. "Those rednecks in Texas mistook a clock for a bomb, ha ha ha."

The circuitry board did look like a trigger for an IED. And why would an electronics project be in a metal box instead of one made from non-conductive material?

The kid was arrested only after he refused to answer questions about the device and his intentions. At the police station, his father refused to allow the handcuffs to be removed until after the kid had been photographed with them on.

The parents did not show up for a scheduled meeting with school authorities. Instead, they were at a press conference, denouncing the mayor.

The Democrats and their cheerleaders (i.e., the media) have been making it sound like the kid is a genius. Good grief. He took the parts out of an alarm clock and put them in a pencil box.

This whole incident is an obvious set-up, and a staged photo op for CAIR.

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