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Wednesday, September 02, 2015 

Marz tears down on Kentucky clerk who stopped issuing marriage licenses

As usual, as expected, Ron Marz wants to make a whole spectacle of his leftism in motion. He posted the following about a Kentucky clerk who doesn't want to violate her Christian beliefs on homosexuality:

I don't see how it's his business to comment on people's marriages. There's Hollywooders who've probably been married 4 times as many, and nobody makes a big deal out of that. I'm guessing he's also jealous that Davis has made more money than he ever did. Well in that case, quit writing comics and go work in electronics or something, Marz. The medium will be better off without you.

I think his use of a clip from a 1990 adaptation of Stephen King's Misery is insulting too. Mainly because of how ignorant he is of what she's been facing since. In this Star Tribune article (via the Dixonverse board), her husband told them:
[...] It's been an ordeal, he said. She got death threats and they've had to change their phone number. He pointed to the people calling for gay rights on the courthouse lawn.

"They want us to accept their beliefs and their ways," he said. "But they won't accept our beliefs and our ways."
Well now, this is very serious. And all he cares about is her refusal to dish out marriage licenses? If she were a Muslim, I'm sure he'd have no objections to raise, and neither would any of the other SJWs causing trouble now.

But Murdoch's whole enterprise is run on proxy by Saudi prince al-Walid bin Talal. And since people like Marz don't seem particularly bothered by that, nor how many Muslim countries are violent to gays and lesbians, I don't see why he/they have such a beef with Murdoch. No joke. It's just more hypocrisy and absurdity Marz is wallowing in. The clerk is brave to stand up for her beliefs. Too bad Marz doesn't have what it takes to appreciate that.

Update: now he's gloating over Davis being jailed for refusing to contradict her beliefs:

Pure disgrace. If this were a case of a US soldier deserting and refusing to serve in Iraq, his reactions would be quite different. At the same time, curious why he has such a beef against a woman who happens to be a Democrat (H/T: Accuracy in Media), and who, if she'd been an anti-war activist, he'd be backing up.

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For starters, people hardly pay any attention to Hollywood private lives anymore, no matter how much the tabloids try to fix that fact. As for Davis' decision, all she did was fixing it so that not only could homosexuals couldn't get married, heterosexuals couldn't get married. All she had to do was give a simple refusal, she didn't have to have a hissy fit and shut down her workplace til further notice. Then again, looking at her own marriage history...

With the Fox News bit, I wonder how many fringe groups and organizations, of any creed or cause, contributed to many of the established companies today

IMHO, a private business should be able to refuse service if (1) it does not have a monopoly, and (2) if it provides non-essential goods or services. So I would be OK with, for example, a baker refusing to prepare a customized gay-themed cake for a same-sex wedding.

Government agencies are a different story. Taxes are collected without regard for race, gender, or sexual orientation, so services should be provided without any discrimination, too. That goes whether it's the county clerk issuing licenses, or the police investigating a crime.

I've used that argument when defending the rights of merchants to refuse to take part in ceremonies and events that violated their religions. That is, your rights are being violated if you are denied admission to a hospital, or if the fire department refuses to respond when you call them in an emergency. Your rights are not being violated if you have to drive an extra two blocks to find a bakery to prepare your wedding cake, or if you have to shop around a little for a caterer or wedding photographer.

This whole article is absurdly pointless, as is this comment.

What was Ron Marz's reaction when Gavin Newsom started issuing marriage licenses for gay couples when it was against the law? For most of these guys, the rule of law only matters when it's being broken by political opponents...

I'd doubt Marz (and most people for that matter) will care if the licenses for either straight or gay marriage are genuine or not. It's only when they're stopped from being handed out that they start shouting and yelling.

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