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Saturday, December 26, 2015 

Comics Beat/Alliance villify Frank Cho

While announcing a series of variant covers Marvel's publishing featuring some of their most notable superheroines (which does not equal good storytelling and only costs more money on cover artwork), two so-called news sources opportunistically exploited the moment to incite against a certain artist by implying he's "disrespectful" to women:
As Comics Alliance astutely noted, the list of commissioned artists includes female artists and male artists known for treating female characters with respect. AKA, there’s no Frank Cho.
Whoa, did you see that? Just what do they mean? Are they saying that drawing babes sexily is synonymous with making women out to be "peabrains"? Tsk tsk tsk. Not to mention their insinuation Cho's some kind of monster is unbecoming and disgraceful, and for people supposedly arguing about respect, they sure don't seem to have the same for Cho. No mention that he made a contribution to a women's shelter group either, I see.

If there were a valid issue to take with Cho, I'd say it would have to be over this incredibly dumb allusion-to-nudity joke he and Greg Pak wrote in "Totally Awesome Hulk". The PC diversity pandering aside, I just don't think that's amusing, and above all, it's actually disrespectful to their own creation, which has to be the ultimate irony about all this diversity mishmash: they're not very respectful to the cast of characters replacing the white protagonists.

Drawing a woman gorgeously is not a crime. In fact, according to a Chicago university study, it was discovered that women with large breasts were a lot more intelligent than previously thought. So all these two crummy comics sites are doing is insulting beautiful women by implying they're "stupid". If the sites have a problem with graphic nudity all done for cheap sensationalism, that's fine. But tasteful illustration along the lines of what you might see in Sports Illustrated - which is usually a lot tamer than Playboy's centerfolds - is nothing to complain about, and I think the two sites at the very least owe Cho an apology for their petty insult. I guess we won't hear them complaining about the crappy joke in the PC-laden Hulk or how that might be construed as insulting to men, especially Asian men, by contrast, huh?

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I'm amazed Jim Balent or the white version of Cho doesn't get as much flak as Cho has been getting lately, but that could be he doesn't do mainstream comic work anymore, as he continues to plug his indie Tarot comic series. He picked a good time to leave DC, before the rise of the SJWs, which would have critiqued the hell out of his Catwoman run.

Anyway, back to Cho, I personally think he was overrated, but I don't deny his talent. He must be doing something right, if he's annoying the usual comic leftists. With the SJWs doing their best to pan sexy/cheesecake art (and companies, as per Disney recently banning Marvel from drawing Leia in any sexy pose), I'd rather him have around than none at all.

And Cho already is independent enough, as seen from switching Liberty Meadows to traditional comic format, so he can still channel himself with an audience that would still appreciate him vs. the SJWs that make up Comics Beat/Alliance. But for Marvel readers, it really would be their loss.

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