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Thursday, December 24, 2015 

Slott attacks Trump

Here's a tweet Dan Slott wrote where he goes to the defense of Islam from Donald Trump:

And all this so soon after the San Bernardino tragedy. What an ignoramus. Make what you will of Trump's platforms, but Slott sure isn't trying to understand why he made these part of them - because he's trying to appeal to people who care about safety from Islamofascists in the USA. If we don't want communist moles infiltrating, then we don't want Islamofascists doing so either. In fact, we shouldn't even want Scientologists running around in the USA either.

And there were witnesses who confirmed that groups of Muslims were spotted celebrating on 9-11. So I think if there's anybody else who owes an apology to Trump, it's Slott. He can also apologize for all his trolling and reprehensible scriptwriting that's degrading to women.

Say, how about we also include this tweet:

He likes whiskey-style alcohol like vodka? Ugh. When I was about 6 years old, my family went to a party in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where I mistook a container of colorless vodka for water, poured some to drink, and it was a truly disgusting experience. The crap is so spicy, I don't know how it could appeal to anyone. Not even Slott. In fact, it made me think of something: if Marvel's staff, Slott included, believe it's inappropriate to show Peter Parker drinking, then how come they're willing to do it in real life? Methinks they should practice as they preach before balking at featuring alcohol in their stories, no matter the depiction.

Here's also 2 Slott posted about an Oklahoman senator who finds "global warming" a load of nonsense:

We've also learned that Slott is a global-warming nut. And it doesn't matter to him that almost a year ago, the deep south of the USA experienced a snowstorm. That hardly counts as global warming in my book. Global cooling is more like it.

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Avi, as the comic industry is relentlessly consumed by "O'Sullivan's Law", what out there would you recommend as reliable entertainment -- or are we truly in a dark-age now where nothing objectively good can be expected for the foreseeable future until the reigning paradigm overturns?

If we know where to look, there are creator-owned or independent productions from smaller companies worth reading. For example, Carl Potts and Chuck Dixon published another Alien Legion story about 2 years ago. I'd say some of the comics that aren't coming from DC/Marvel will probably be the best place to turn for better entertainment in the forseeable future.

IDW and Top Shelf have published some good comics. Of course, you have to visit a comic book specialty shop (or subscribe), since they are not available at non-specialty retail outlets (grocery stores, drug stores, newsstands). But then, most non-specialty stores don't even carry DC or Marvel comics these days.

Slott's comments are the usual PC ranting. News flash: snowballs melt, sooner or later. That doesn't mean that the sky is falling.

And, contrary to the PC party line, there were Muslims celebrating 9-11 in the US and in the Middle East.

Jihadists murdered unarmed victims in a gun-free zone in San Bernardino, in a blue state that has strict gun control laws. One terrorist was an Arab immigrant, the other was a US citizen who had visited the Middle East.

A neighbor had noticed them acting suspiciously, but didn't report it, for fear of being labeled racist and Islamophobic.

Obama's response:
1. Call for more gun laws. (Do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.)
2. Increase Muslim immigration (while turning away Jewish, Christian, and Yazidi refugees). And hurl epithets (racist, Islamophobe, xenophobe) at anyone who suggests reasonable, common sense restrictions on immigration.
3. Threaten to "take action" against anyone who says anything that could be interpreted (or misinterpreted) as "anti-Muslim rhetoric."

Specifically, Obama called for a law prohibiting the sale of guns to anyone on the government's No-Fly List. But Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook were never on that list, or on any other anti-terrorism watch list. Which is not surprising, considering that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have been barred from spying on Muslims since 2011. (Meanwhile, the IRS targets Jewish charities.)

All of which means that Obama's No-Fly proposal would not have prevented the San Bernardino massacre. Trump's proposal (temporarily suspend immigration until we have better vetting procedures in effect) would have.

Yet people like Slott think that Obama is a genius, and they treat Trump like a raving madman.

Welcome to Bizarro World.

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