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Thursday, May 26, 2016 

Busiek's latest distortion tactic

Busiek continues his weak rants against Republicans, including the following:

Very interesting. His defense of allowing transgender MEN to use women's bathrooms clearly wasn't working, so now, he's putting words in the GOP's mouths, to say nothing of implying it's wrong for conservatives to offer help to ladies in distress. And IMO, he's unwittingly insulting women by implying they're transphobic or something. Tsk tsk tsk.

He might want to consider the following revelation in this polling news:
A growing number of gay activists and professionals also oppose Obama’s push to establish the transgender ideology in schools.
They must realize the whole campaign's only hurting them, making them look bad. Busiek will probably quit his noxious stance in time too, but for now, it goes without saying he's only helped undermine the SJWs he's backing, rather than helping them, and at the same time, perpetuated an image of people in entertainment being open to terrible beliefs.

And I guess he's got nothing against uncontrolled entrance to the USA, and has no worries about whether criminals and terrorists can infiltrate.

What's this, he's still got a beef against Card, nearly 3 years after Card was attacked for all the wrong reasons? And wow, what a vile tongue Kurt's employed there. I don't know why he's brought this up, but I'm sure it's not based on valid dissent. There's so many other novelists out there much worse than Card (whom I'm sure Busiek knows was a Democrat for many years), like Stephen King, whose politics are even worse than his overrated thriller novels. Yet again, Busiek's proven he's lost all sense of decency.

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Nice pick and choose effort there, Kurt. Just keep in mind it's just as easy to do the same with many of your "progressive" bits of dogma. Perhaps more so.

The Clinton administration commissioned a survey to prove that armed citizens are more likely to accidentally shoot themselves or a family member than they are to use a gun in self-defense. When the "actual data" proved the opposite, the report was swept under the rug.

Similarly, there have been incidents of male pedophiles and/or voyeurs in girls' restrooms, sometimes invoking the "transgender rights" issue when police or security guards asked them to leave. The incidents get little or no publicity, because they don't support The Agenda.

And, yes, a growing number of LGBT advocates are rejecting the claim that it's a gay rights issue.

Voter fraud is real. An investigative reporter for KCAL-TV found over 200 cases in Los Angeles County alone in which votes were cast in the names of people who had been dead for years. Leftists scream "voter suppression" if you suggest that a voter be required to show the same ID card at the polls that he would have to show when he buys a can of beer. It is no coincidence that voter fraud always benefits Democratic candidates.

I'm sure that Busiek has "nothing against uncontrolled entrance to the USA, and no worries about whether criminals and terrorists can infiltrate." But San Bernardino, Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon bombing, and 9-11 were not "hypothetical."

Was Senator Obama a "fucking moron" in 2006 when he said that marriage was between a man and woman? Or when he said that marriage was not a civil right, but a tradition that needed to be preserved? Or in 2008, when he said that the definition of marriage should be left to the states, not the national government? (Actually, he was being a typical hypocritical politician, saying whatever was expedient at the time.)

And, speaking of being "more concerned with hypotheticals than with reality," every time Muslim terrorists carry out an attack, the Obama administration responds by promising to protect Muslims from some imaginary "backlash" that never happens. In fact, there have been more hate crimes against Jews in the past fifteen years than against all other ethnic groups combined.

Here's a list of female transsexuals, they do exist you know and it's not a male-to-female only classification: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans_man

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