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Monday, October 10, 2016 

Some creators bashing Trump are even more hypocritical than those outside the medium

This past Friday, the press raised a controversy over lewd comments Donald Trump made 11 years ago during a conversation with Billy Bush, nephew of former president Dubya. I've found a least a few comics writers who've been doing some attacks on Trump for something he said years before but has now apologized for, and wisely so, even as they by contrast haven't apologized for some of their own crude positions. By that, I mean that some of these creators raising a fauxtrage are ones who upheld positions and policies harmful, demeaning and offensive to women. We'll start with Kurt Busiek, who wrote on Facebook:
Remember, when Trump says his vile comments were just "locker-room banter," he means this is how he talks about women when they're not around.

He wasn’t in a locker room, after all. He was just in a space that didn’t have women in it at the moment. So he’s fine with saying this kind of shit anywhere, as long as women don’t hear it. The world is a locker room as far as he’s concerned.

And then, how he acts when women _are_ around...
All this from a guy who advocated letting transgenders use women's public bathrooms, completely without any second thoughts on whether all sorts of perverts and sexual predators could exploit it for harassing/assaulting women, to say nothing of invading their privacy. And whose criticism of Eddie Berganza, if any, was muted at best. Needless to say, Busiek spoke out of two sides of his mouth, and I couldn't find any clues he ever publicly apologized for it.

And here's something to ponder: is such banter in private anything new? My father said there were guys who spoke crudely about women as far back as the 1950s; the kind of stuff you wouldn't hear on a sitcom like Father Knows Best or Leave it to Beaver. Who knows, even in remote times there were surely men in the Roman empire who spoke crassly. But to put this in more modern perspective, isn't it possible that if a rightie could speak crudely, so too could a leftie? Why do only conservatives matter? Say, what're the possibilities even the comics workplace was full of that kind of muck? Let's recall what former editor Valerie D'Orazio said about the DC editorial staff claiming "we need a rape" as they cobbled together their plans for Identity Crisis. Gee, doesn't Busiek find it disturbing that they could be so horrific there? Busiek went on to say:
So Pence says he's offended, "as a husband and father." If he wasn't a married parent, he wouldn't see anything wrong with Trump? I mean, I'm a husband and father too. And a son and a brother and a nephew and so on. But I don't need those as special credentials.

The idea that we're offended because Trump said bad things about people like those in our families smacks of property. "I'm offended because I own some women and Trump has devalued them." That's not how it works, asshole.

Does that mean if you don't have anyone LGBTQ in your family, it would be okay for Trump to degrade them? For Pence, who has done a lot of degrading of LGBTQ (and women) in his career, clearly, yes.

How about Mexicans? Muslims? Blacks? Gotta have some of them under your male aegis or it doesn't matter?

What Trump said was offensive, not just if we have daughters or wives. It was offensive to women, offensive to men. It was just plain foul. But hey, luckily Pence is praying for better....while he campaigns to make Trump the most powerful man in the world. That'll help.

Me, I'm offended as a human being. And I'm voting for better.
Oh really? Then here's a challenging query for him: is he offended as a human being by Bill Clinton's rape of Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Wiley? Not to mention his violation of Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones? Is he offended by Hillary Clinton's antagonizing the victims? Is he even offended by Camille Cosby's siding with her now disgraced husband Bill against his many victims? Have you seen and read Broaddrick's painful memories of what happened, Kurt? From the transcript:
BROADDRICK: And then as he points over my shoulder, he grabs me and turns me to him. And that was a shock. And I tried to push him away. And I only weighed about 120 pounds at that time. He was a very large man. And I kept telling him, “No. I don’t want this at all.” [...]

And he grabbed me again, very forcefully. And started biting on my top lip. And this was extremely painful. I thought he was going to bite my lip off. And that’s when he pushed me back onto the bed.

KLEIN: He bit you at the top of your lip. He pushed you onto the bed. And then what happened?

BROADDRICK: It’s been so long and it is just so hard to go into. I need to stop.

(crying) [...]

I was completely dressed. I had a skirt and a blouse. He tore the waist of my skirt. And then he ripped my pantyhose. And he raped me. It was very vicious. I was just pinned down… I did not know what to do. I was so frightened. I was only 35 at the time. And it was horrible. I just wanted it to be over with. So he would go away.

KLEIN: He got up?

BROADDRICK: No, he held me down for a long time. And then he did it again. I was so ready for him to leave me alone. When he started raping me again. And it was very brief… And he did get up and he straightened himself. And my mouth was bleeding and it was hurting. And he just straightens himself and goes to the door.

KLEIN: With you still on the bed?

BROADDRICK: Yes, crying. He straightens himself and he goes to the door. And puts on his sunglasses. And tells me to get some ice on that on my list. And goes out the door.
That isn't disgusting, Busiek? How are Trump's comments newsworthy, but not Bill Clinton's physical abuses or even Hillary's tolerance for his behavior? Slate admits that Broaddrick's accusations against Bill are credible, even as they try to absolve Hillary of any blame. Busiek's own ignorance and support for forcing women to accept alleged transgenders into the same bathroom is offensive to women and embarrassing to men. He got into an argument on Twitter later, and said:

What about any and all women who could take offense at his support for allowing the opposite sex into the other's bathroom at the expense of their dignity? Please, don't bore us.

Gail Simone also had at least a few crummy tweets to blurt out:

And Bill Clinton doesn't look like a disgrace for his past antics with women?

Yet Clinton's irrelevant. And all this from a Whoopi Goldberg-style apologist who denied that any women could possibly exist who find it objectionable that men should be allowed to jeopardize their privacy in a bathroom, tried lecturing and overall acted pretty loathsome about everything, never even apologizing after I presented proof that there are women, silent majority or not, who disapprove, as the collapsed fortunes of Target department stores should make clear. Then, in reply to somebody noting how there's rap lyrics out there with far worse, she said:

And a mental adolescent said that.

Again, all this coming from a hypocrite who supported moves that could endanger women's safety in public restrooms. She then replies to Jon Voigt with:

What happened to hers? She may not have always been this way, but now that she is, it sure puts her in a bad light, and, as I've said before, does not make her worthy of writing books that were handled better by folks like Chuck Dixon. If liberal men are ever voicing dirty language, doesn't that concern her? Next up is Dan Slott:

And nobody need hear the babbling of a man who wrote a crude little fanfic story degrading Mary Jane Watson in the Inferior Doctor Octopus. Anybody who does scripting that lowbrow has no business weighing in on the issues.

That could easily be said about Slott's awful scriptwriting. And when Trump made a tongue-in-cheek comment that his "team of deplorables" will be "taking over" his account, Slott said:

So, he actually wants evil people to be in charge? Sigh. Spoken like a true SJW alright.

Some comic publishers are losing plenty of money too, all because of the ultra-leftists going bananas on them. Next up is Gerry Conway, who can often be relied upon to deliver some of the worst leftist commentary around:

That's because Bill Clinton's own antics are what troubles us here, and Hillary's apparent attempts to cover them up.

But he doesn't think Bill's a disgrace for what he did to at least 4 women, does he? And then, when a questionable reporter for CNN says Breitbart paid for Broaddrick's travel expenses and Trump's campaign claimed the same, he says:

Is he insulting the poor woman? That's what his stupid little tweet there sounds like, and it only makes Conway look really bad.

Now, there may be something to think about in the overall takeaway from this particular subject, and it's that guys young and old should consider whether vulgar discussion of sexual issues among themselves is appropriate at all. But the above examples are hardly qualified to comment, what with their previous support for "diversifying" the bathrooms at the expense of women and children's safety. And at least 2 of them haven't even mentioned the names of the women accusing the Clintons of wronging them. As they've come to prove, they're certainly not people fangirls need bother to try most of their products, nor fanboys, for that matter. They haven't apologized for some of their questionable positions of recent, and if not, that's all the more reason to yawn at their dopey little comments.

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Busiek is "voting for better." If "better" includes influence peddling, perjury, tax evasion, and mishandling top secret information. Plus, abandoning the US consulate at Benghazi, then lying (and laughing) about it while under oath, then falsely accusing the victims' families of lying about it.

And what about Hillary Clinton getting a child molester off the hook, then laughing about it?

I'm more concerned with stuff that Clinton did than with what Trump said.

I never liked Trump. But these hypocritical tweets, and the blatant media bias, make me want to vote for Trump just to spite the limousine liberals and champagne socialists.

They can't find 30,000 emails, but they can find a recording of something Trump said more than ten years ago.

Ted Kennedy drowned a woman, Bill Clinton raped several. And now the Democrats are making an issue of Trump talking dirty ten years ago.

The first Anon nails it. And then TC puts the nail on the proverbial coffin.

Busiek, Simone, Slott ... you're boring already. You don't really care what Trump said. You're simply using it to advance your ridiculously awful candidate. God forbid you dopes ever step outside your well-insulated echo chamber.

F*** you all.

You raise concerns about transsexuals in women's bathrooms, but what about transsexuals in men's bathrooms?

Besides, you should really stay off of sites like Twitter, it's not good for your brain cell count and you need every single one you can keep.

As for you TC, any problems like rape and murder affecting the Republican camp?

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