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Wednesday, November 01, 2017 

Ron Marz's subtle attack on everyone outraged at the truck terrorism in Manhattan

There was a terrorist attack yesterday in New York City committed by an Uzbek Islamofascist who got into the USA on a bad "diversity visa" program conceived by the Obama administration. And what does Marz have to say? He posted the following:

Sigh. Very poor conduct on Marz's part, I must say. He acts like nobody's angry at the hotel staff in Las Vegas for failing to check Paddock's luggage, or complaining about the lack of security at all. At the same time, he's also reluctant to acknowledge the ISIS jihadist in Manhattan was screaming "allahu akbar" ("God is great" in Arabic) while he murdered at least 8 people on a bicycle path in the city, just a short distance from Ground Zero. And, he has no comment on how the jihadist tried to attack children on a school bus before he was finally neutralized. But, that's Marz's usual routine, to act like a non-realist and minimize serious issues in multiple ways. A pure disgrace he's being, and his comment is throughly inappropriate at a time when unity is needed.

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The Las Vegas casinos have signs warning that guns are not allowed on the premises. They worked just as well as the "gun-free zone" signs at Columbine, Sandy Hook, the Ft. Hood hospital, and the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. That is, the killer ignored the signs and took almost 20 guns to his room.

In fact, every mass shooting in the US in the past 50 years took place in a designated gun-free zone and/or a state with strict gun control laws.

And proper vetting of immigrants could have prevented this latest tragedy.

Japan, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic do not have mass shootings. They also do not admit Muslim immigrants.

In fact, the president of the Czech Republic has encouraged citizens to carry guns, and to shoot anyone who yells, "Allahu Akbar."

Just saying.

The article from Breitbart that you link to does not say that the Diversity program was conceived by the Obama administration, at least not in the version currently posted. It does not give any explanation of who conceived the program.

In fact, the diversity program is a lot older than the Obama presidency. It was part of the U S Immigration Act of 1990 (Bush Sr era), and the program itself existed in one form or another even before that.

Not that many people are angry at the hotel for not checking its guests’ luggage, something that would be hard for them to do unless they forced guests to go through a checkpoint as they entered the premises. There is a lot of anger about the fact that he was able to accumulate a large arsenal of weapons so easily, without attracting attention or anyone’s concern.

The diversity program was introduced in 1990 by Sen. Chuck Schumer (then a member of the House of Representatives). It was supported by limousine liberal Democrats and country club conservative Republicans. More proof that both parties are more interested in importing cheap labor than in protecting their own citizens from terrorism.

The policy that evolved into the diversity program was originally introduced as a family reunification program; it had nothing to do with cheap labor. Schumer sponsored the 1990 legislation but the policy that it entrenched had been there long before. Schumer has been saying for several years that the policy has outlived its usefulness and should be scrapped.

The commentator who said that "In fact, every mass shooting in the US in the past 50 years took place in a designated gun-free zone and/or a state with strict gun control laws." probably forgot about the shooting by Spencer Hight in Plano Texas a few weeks ago. To name only one of the most recent!

Not all mass shootings took place in designated gun-free zones. Only 92% of them.

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