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Friday, December 01, 2017 

A cast member of the new Black Panther movie is an illegal immigrant?

Wow, talk about mishandling both T'Challa as a comics character and now as a movie adaptation. According to Variety (via Breitbart), one of the cast members in the upcoming movie based on the crimefighting prince of Wakanda relied on DACA to enter the USA:
Since President Trump’s September decision to end DACA, Hollywood actor Bambadjan Bamba has been preparing for his coming out.

The “Black Panther” actor had not publicly revealed his immigration status, but Tuesday he took the bold step of joining a campaign to legalize immigrants like him, becoming the public face of DACA recipients working in Hollywood. Known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Obama-era program granted temporary resident status to an estimated 800,000 immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.

“We know the industry is run by a lot of immigrants,” Bamba tells Variety. “There are immigrant actors,” he said, adding that “Hollywood can play a big part in at least changing policy so that it can be easier for actors to work in Hollywood.”

Bamba, 35, has managed to work for a decade in Hollywood, thanks in part to a work permit secured through DACA. He is currently has a recurring role on NBC’s “The Good Place” and will play a military leader in the upcoming Marvel film, “Black Panther,” directed by Ryan Coogler.
This should serve as a vital reminder that Marvel's movie division is as infested with leftists as their comics division's been for a long time. To the point where they'd hire an illegal immigrant without question. One who blurs the differences between legal immigrants and illegal ones, and doesn't take issue with his parents for getting him into the predicament, since they apparently didn't sign any forms for application. He may not be the main star, but his presence and activism alone could jeopardize the film's prospects. It's certainly a PR embarrassment. Black Panther certainly hasn't been managed well as a comics series ever since Axel Alonso gave Ta-Nehisi Coates the keys to the kingdom of Wakanda, and now, signs are developing that even the movie could be undermined as well.

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Bamba has legal status in the U S. He is a temporary resident with a work permit. He lacks permanent status in the country but he is not here illegally.

Coates’ Black Panther marries intelligence with action and a sense of the uncanny. He cares about continuity and shows a lot of respect for what came before, for the work of Lee and Kirby, Thomas and Buscema, McGregor and Buckler and Graham. He is obviously passionate about the character. His Wakanda has a lot in common with Israel, even if it lacks Israel’s diversity, and an Israeli would find much to identify with in it. It is a technologically advanced nation amongst resentful and perhaps somewhat jealous neighbours with whom it is in a state of hostility but not open war, now embroiled in conflict with a population that was there before the state was created and is no longer within its borders.

I certainly can’t say the book is terrible! It is lacking in humour, but well worth reading.

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