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Thursday, January 25, 2018 

SJWs cost a disabled war veteran his art job

Megan Fox at PJ Media spoke last week about Will Caligan, a disabled war veteran who still has the ability and talent for comics drawing, got driven out of a job at a small publisher over thoughtcrimes against transgenderism:
Will Caligan, a Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran suffering Gulf War Syndrome, is out of a job. What caused him to lose it is one more weight on the scale that is tipping America toward total insanity. Caligan is a talented comics artist who contracted with Short Fuse Media Group to produce comic books. If you have followed any of my investigations into #Comicsgate you would know that the comics industry has been completely taken over by rabid alt-left types who spent their days devising ways to destroy beloved characters by "diversifying" them into an approved SJW mold. Caligan, a conservative Christian, had little chance of survival in that environment. One hint of wrongthink could spell curtains for any artist, writer or producer in today's comics climate. In Caligan's case, he made the catastrophic mistake of voicing his opinion about a pop culture story about a straight man rebuffing a kiss from a transwoman.

A few weeks ago, rapper Ginuwine was caught in an uncomfortable situation where a transgendered male-to-female tried to kiss him. When he rebuffed the advances, the internet accused him of transphobia. The lesson here seems to be that if Harvey Weinstein tries to kiss a woman, that's assault. But if a transgendered person tries to force someone to kiss him, there is a requirement for the victim to prove a lack of transphobia by complying. Caligan posted his thoughts on this situation and then all hell broke loose.

...Let the unhinged hate fest begin! Do they have any idea how psycho they look? A man says DNA can't be changed (a provably true statement) and there are people who want him destroyed, jobless, homeless, penniless and on the street. This doesn't seem like a proportional response. But where LGBTQWTF feelings are concerned, no depth is too low to sink. No person is too honorable to defame with epithets, even a Special Forces veteran of two wars who contracted a desert illness fighting for the rights of overweight gender-confused half-wits to speak their minds from Mommy's basement. [...]
I'm sure the same creeps attacking Caligan and Ginuwine must have no issues with Harvey Milk and Kevin Spacey's vile crimes either. The company capitulated to all these cyberfreaks who doubtlessly don't read their products and fired the poor guy, And if they don't have what it takes to stand firm in his defense, then we'd best not buy what they're selling, and turn off their way too short fuses.

Luckily for Caligan, not only did Vox Day provide him with another illustrative job, there's even been a fundraising account built up for his medical requirements:
[...] Instead of tolerance, Caligan experienced public shaming, threats, a job loss, and colleagues turning their backs on him after he stated a man can not change his DNA based on wishes.

Sane people everywhere were alarmed and dismayed that a person could lose his livelihood after one inconsequential exchange on social media. So within hours of PJ Media publishing that story, Vox Day of Castalia House Publishing reached out to Caligan and offered him a project.

[...] True to his word, Day launched a Freestartr project on January 22nd with a goal of raising $7500 to fund hiring Caligan to turn one of Castalia House's books into a graphic novel. A few hours after launching, the project raised $21,000 and Caligan was becoming a hot commodity.
Whatever one thinks of Day, he certainly deserves credit for helping the guy out and turning his situation around. As for Short Fuse, I'd suggest they issue an apology to Caligan for pathetically succumbing to PC, or maybe nobody with sense should bother about their wares. I'd also suggest that, if Marvel wants to show they're a leader, that they hire the guy for a drawing job and not allow SJWs to govern that decision either. But who knows? So long as they're governed by ultra-leftists, they'll probably be one company who won't hire him, even if he's got good ideas from a scripting perspective.

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it is a shame and a disgrace to fandom that any artist or writer should lose their job over opinions on social issues expressed outside their stories. Fans should judge the stories on the basis of what is in them, and stop trolling creators on social media to see whether their opinions match what the fan deems politically correct. Readers should accept that not every difference of opinion makes the other person a villain or a traitor, and not lobby for the firing of creators who do not reflect their own political beliefs. Having a slightly different opinion does not automatically make one a moonbat. We should recognize that disagreement is the price that needs to be paid for interesting comic books, and that without engagement with issues and themes of the day, whatever side the creator falls on, comics just become pablum.

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