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Tuesday, March 06, 2018 

Politics find their way into discussion of Torontonian women's comic anthology

The CBC reported about a new Canadian-made comics anthology called "Osgoode as Gold", but the downside is that identity politics find their way into this discussion:
"White men kind of gravitate to [comics]," she acknowledged, adding that given Toronto's diversity, "there's so many stories that could be told."
Sad, but it sounds like they're perpetuating the notion the medium has always been an exclusively boys thing. No mention of the romance comics of the 1950s, nor that John Romita Sr. originally illustrated some in the beginnings of his career like Millie the Model before going on to his famous role as the second regular artist on Spider-Man after Steve Ditko.

At the end, it says:
She told CBC Toronto that though she feels she's been lucky as a female comics creator, "I know so many women and diverse creators who have had issues" with finding acceptance.

"They do seem to be getting better," she said. "But it's an ongoing dialogue."
And since when haven't they? Only in the deleterious minds of these propagandists. One of the leading artists who illustrated Phantom Lady in the Golden Age, Clarence Matthew Baker, was African-American, and the first artist for Metamorpho was a woman, Ramona Fradon. The CBC is dumbing down history by putting it this way. Though it's probable some of the difficulties in finding acceptance tie into the leftist politics ruining comics today, and which, for all we know, could be sabotaging the acceptance of more women than we think. Why won't they consider liberal politics might have what to do with the hardships in finding acceptance even in a liberal-run industry?

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We don’t even know the names of many of the artists and writers from the 1940s and 1950s, much less their ethnic heritage. But of the ones whose names have come down to us we do know that the number of black comic book creators was extremely small; Matt Baker, Andre Leblanc who worked for Will Eisner, perhaps one or two others. There were a lot of talented black artists who did comic strips and cartoons for the Negro press, but almost none who worked for the mass market comic book publishers. Just because one or two guys made it through doesn’t mean there was no prejudice or discrimination in the industry.

At the time Ramona Fradon was drawing Metamorpho, she was about 50% of the women artists in comic books (the other one was Marie Severin).

George Herriman was born colored, according to his birth certificate, but he and his family lived as white from the age of ten on. He kept his curly hair covered with a cap indoors at work as much as possible. He would never have been able to have the enormously influential career in comics he did if he had presented himself as black to the world.

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