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Wednesday, April 25, 2018 

Disturbing comments by G. Willow Wilson about Armenians

Islamic comics writer and novelist Wilson, whose Muslim Ms. Marvel propaganda has been doing very poorly in sales, made these troubling comments the week on the Armenian Holocaust memorial:

She seems to be alluding to the case of the man in Toronto who murdered 10 people with a Chevy Express, whose name is Alek Minassian, which may or may not be Armenian...and who was apparently a basket case with a misogynist mentality angry over not being able to form romantic relationships, and echoes the case of Marc Lepine from 1989, who murdered several women in Montreal's university while insanely accusing feminists of causing his problems. And Wilson seems to be making racist remarks that all Caucasians/Armenians are the devil. It goes without saying this is stunningly offensive and doesn't improve her image one bit to exploit a tragedy for implying all Armenians/Caucasians are evil. Mainly because she's white/Caucasian herself, as one person reminded her.

And since when were the Boston Marathon bombers not thought to be white? She just pulled that stunt out of her hat, apparently. She's gotten some backlash in the followup comments, including this one:

Which shows some of her own political drivel in motion in the comics she's writing, what with their dismal artwork. And since we're on that subject, here's also a video review of the latest issue she wrote of the crappy book, and around 6 and a half minutes...

This is almost hilarious. Is the star of the show engaging in a kiss?!? It makes little difference what his background, that's something the hardcore Islamists disapprove of presenting visually. I recall nearly 3 decades ago, my family's TV set had access to 2 Jordanian channels, and they would often censor kisses on the fictional programs they broadcast. Also, notice how the book not only presents a white girl negatively, it does no better with a lesbian character, and homosexuality is something else Islamists consider an abomination.

Of all the crude comments Wilson's made to date, the above are some of the lowest and loathsome. One more reason why no sane person should waste time on her books, and why Marvel's destroying their reputation by continuing to employ her, and editor Sana Amanat, who's also a very bad lot.

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I don't read her comments as trying to say that all Armenians are the devil! She is pointing out the absurdity of bigotry, how when those whites who are bigots express racist attitudes to Armenians in the name of the 'white race', they are talking nonsense because Armenians are the original Caucasians. She is pointing out that it is white-on-white racism, and she is criticizing its craziness.

Many traditional Islamists would not approve of the kiss, or of homosexuality. Sara Amanat and Willow Wilson are not that kind of hard-core Muslim. Neither is the New Jersey Ms Marvel. They were all born and raised in America. This is part of the character trying to negotiate how to be both American and Muslim, and working out her identity as both.

Yawn. Just another cybertroll apologist for an untalented bozo who's got nothing better to do with his time.

"Ouroborian" means like the Worm Ouroboros, the serpent that swallows its own tail, or tale. Self-styled whites who are bigoted against the Armenians, the original Caucasians, are according to Wilson destroying their own group, showing the absurdity of racism. If readers are unfamiliar with the archaically written novels of E R Eddison, they would not be able to pick up on Wilson's obscure reference.

Not sure that Wilson is right about this entirely. Not everyone thinks of white as being a single race; Nazis thought of themselves as Aryans, not whites, and had no problem killing of large swaths of "inferior races" like Russians and Poles.

I wonder how Israel feels about this?

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