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Wednesday, April 25, 2018 

Well how about that: Jason Aaron redeems himself on Jane Foster...or does he?

Wouldn't you know it, just an issue after seemingly putting Jane Foster to death (and the SJWs who were originally fawning over the pandering steps made no attempt to protest), Jason Aaron's reversed Jane's fate:
Without Mjolnir granting her the powers of Thor, she reverts to her human form which is ravaged by cancer. The exertion of the battle and the cancer would kill her. However just one issue later, Aaron and company have brought Jane Foster back to life.
Which sounds great on its own. But then, that's why it's very disagreeable at this point they'd lead us to think Jane was going to be wiped out, and withheld their exact intentions till the last minute. Also, there's the following to consider:
Interestingly enough, Foster’s cancer is still ravaging her body. Despite, dying she is still having to undergo chemotherapy. Apparently the powers of the God Tempest still pale in comparison to cancer.
Which means she's still depicted as bald, as I noticed in the panel provided where she's seen reviving. And that's atrocious, in all due honesty. So, do they intend to have her condition reversed so she's got her brownish/blonde-colored hair restored again?

Maybe what's irritating in this subject is that Aaron and company trolled the audience with where Foster's fate would be going, and the storyline shouldn't have had to be written this way in the first place. If anything, they shouldn't have been so cliched as to use cancer as a plot point. That said, the revival of Jane is welcome in itself, and at least they didn't succumb to the offensive cliche of killing off supporting characters, or worse, turning them into villains. But if they keep up this crap with her suffering from cancer, that's bad, and if they don't reverse it, they're only adding her to the list of Marvel ladies who've been slighted by the sex-negative attitude Marvel took up a number of years ago. And now that I think of it, that they'd mislead the audience after all these irritating stories where characters are killed off for no good reason is itself a very poor approach to take, doing nothing to restore audience confidence.

Update: if there's anything else tasteless about this story, it's that Thor gets his left arm disintegrated by the magic he uses to revive Jane. Just what are they trying to do anyway, turn him into a variation on how Aquaman was depicted during the mid-90s? At least it's not as violent as the scene with the piranhas in Aquaman's book at the time was. But that obviously doesn't make it well written in its own way. In fact, it just makes things all the more dreadful.

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Heaven forfend that a comics writer should hold the readers in suspense over the fate of a character!

Thor (the original) had lost his arm in an earlier storyline; the one that melted was an artificial metal replacement that had been grafted on.

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