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Thursday, June 21, 2018 

If Shadowcat and Colossus aren't getting married, what's the use of promoting it as such?

Wouldn't you know it. In surely a shock to no one, it turns out Kitty Pryde and Piotr Rasputin won't be tying knots as it seemed they would in the X-Men Wedding Special, but rather...Rogue and Gambit in the X-Men Gold series:
Issue No. 30 of the Marvel comic book X-Men Gold, which will hit stores on Wednesday, will feature a wedding, but not the one fans were expecting.

In January, Kitty Pryde, the leader of this group of X-Men, proposed to her teammate, Piotr (“Peter”) Rasputin, and the current story line, “Til Death Do Us Part,” has been marching toward their big day. But in Wednesday’s issue — spoilers ahead — after a tough heart-to-heart talk with her best friend, who is also the groom’s sister, the would-be bride gets cold feet. [...]

...But with love in the air — and an officiant and an open bar on hand — two other X-Men decide to get hitched: Gambit and Rogue. Their adventures as newlyweds will be chronicled in Mr. and Mrs. X, a new series beginning in July, which will be written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by Oscar Bazaldua.
In that case, what was the point of touting the whole Pryde/Rasputin affair as though it were really going to be? The approach isn't new either - IIRC, a similar stunt was pulled by DC a decade ago when it seemed as though Black Canary and Green Arrow were going to marry, but that's practically down the memory hole now.

As for Rogue and Gambit, so they tie the knot, fine. But if Kitty and Piotr weren't going to be wed, then it's a waste of time to say they were.
“Comics, like TV and film, is a very collaborative medium. These are not my characters, they are Marvel’s,” Mr. Guggenheim said. “Part of writing other people’s characters in a shared universe are other ideas are going to end up supplanting yours. My job as a writer is to take those marching orders and write the best issue I can.”
Well he sure didn't write the best stories in this series, recalling the politicized trash he injected earlier with anti-conservative leanings. Some of which probably were, as he implies, marching orders from the upper echelons, including Quesada and Alonso.
Mr. Guggenheim opened each issue of this story line with a flashback involving Kitty and Piotr (who first met in 1979, when she was 13), which he used to lay the foundation for her hesitation. And the story of the would-be wedding does not end here. “There are several issues of X-Men Gold that deal with the ramifications,” he said, including how they define their relationship moving forward.
Gee, I thought that was already defined in the mid-80s after they broke up, at the time of the original Secret Wars! Besides, both Blue and Gold X-Men spinoffs are being cancelled in September with issues #36, so I don't see what they have to move forward with. At least not in these books.

Screen Rant has some more:
That wedding takes place in X-Men Gold #30, an issue that's absolutely dripping in nostalgia. There are countless deliberate callbacks to previous X-Men weddings, most notably 1994's X-Men #30, in which Cyclops and Jean Grey tied the knot. But this time round, the wedding takes an unexpected twist; Kitty Pryde, filled with doubts about her decision, instinctively phases as Colossus tries to put the ring on her finger. That's when she realizes she can't go through with it, and disappears, leaving a heartbroken Colossus behind at the altar.

It's a shocking twist, although regular readers will have been able to see it coming. Kitty and Colossus both know they love one another, but they've been filled with doubts about their marriage. Those doubts are finally expressed in X-Men: Gold #30 by Kitty's best friend, Magik - Colossus's sister. Determined to be a bad influence, on the night before the wedding Magik takes Kitty on to the Mansion's roof, where the two women drink a little... too much. As a result, Magik loses her inhibitions, and says what she's secretly been thinking all along. "I think if you two were meant to be together... it would've happened by now." Kitty already had her doubts, and now her best friend - Colossus's little sister - has given voice to them.
IMO, this is unfair, insulting use of Magik, that even makes her out to be a drunkard (Kitty too, if it matters). But, if two superpowered beings weren't meant to wed, I don't understand why they couldn't introduce civilian cast members who could fill that part with Kitty/Piotr instead (and also Rogue/Gambit). Maybe the problem is failure to make more serious use of civilian, non-powered cast members, which has surely been a big problem with team titles for a long time, even more so than solo books for individual stars.

If this is how they're going to do things, there's just no point in hyping weddings or spending money on them, and honestly, these knot-ties between superheroes are way too easy, when marriages with civilian co-stars make for better challenges.

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