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Thursday, July 26, 2018 

Nick Spencer claims Joe Quesada now approves of reuniting Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson

Spencer spoke with the Washington Post's Comic Riffs section about his new run on Spider-Man, and is speaking in place of notorious former EIC Joe Quesada, telling something quite different from what Quesada's position was in the past:
Spencer and Quesada met to talk all things Spider-Man as he prepared to take on the noticeable task of being the writer to come aboard “The Amazing Spider-Man” after Dan Slott’s decade-long writing run, which recently came to an end with the title’s 801st issue (the series was renumbered for Spencer’s debut with artist Ryan Ottley illustrating).

The relationship between Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson came up. They were once an all-time comic book couple, but were not known as an item anymore. Slott even said during his time writing Spider-Man that fans shouldn’t expect a rekindling of any spider-flames.

Spencer, like many fans, assumed rules were in place to keep Peter Parker and Mary Jane apart. Quesada told him that was never Marvel’s intention when they decided to erase Spider-Man’s marriage to Mary Jane from continuity years ago, during the Spider-Man “One More Day” story.

“Once I had that piece of the puzzle in place, everything else came together and improved massively,” Spencer told The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs.

Suddenly, knowing Mary Jane could be a romantic part of the story made Spencer’s plans for the series “one thousand times better.”
Certainly, having MJ back as Peter's lady fair is better in itself, though it still doesn't guarantee better story merit beyond that. But would you believe it - now, we're supposed to think Quesada never had any intention of parting the couple till the end of time, which I'm sure he would've loved to enforce if fandom hadn't spoken out. I'm sure Spencer was aware of the mandate long before he began his own writing for Marvel. From what I can figure, with sales for comics slumping all over the place, and stores closing down, they decided they needed a booster, and so, Quesada too finally backed off his rock bottom mandate, which Axel Alonso kept in place after Quesada ascended to "chief creative officer".

And how come Spencer's doing all the talking here, and not Quesada himself? IMO, Quesada owes an apology for wasting over a decade of time since One More Day just to force his twisted visions on everybody's favorite wall-crawler, irritate Spider-fans with spiteful moments where they made it look like MJ would be restored, but wasn't, and then wasted our time even more with an idiotic tale of Doctor Octopus switching minds with Peter Parker, just to become the "Superior" Spidey. It's Quesada who should be addressing this subject, not some flunkie in his name.

And since Slott came up, look what they say about Spencer's plans going forward:
That’s not to say Spencer plans to abandon the decade of work Slott put into the Spider-Man comic book universe. One of Slott’s biggest and most controversial Spider-Man moments was when villain Doctor Octopus took over Spider-Man’s mind, becoming the Superior Spider-Man (with a series of the same name). During that series, Doc Ock finished a college degree that Peter Parker never had time to complete. In Spencer’s run, it is determined that the work that led to that degree was plagiarized, giving Peter Parker just one more problem in a life filled with many.

“I have enormous respect for Dan and what he accomplished on this book,” Spencer said. “Thankfully Dan liked the idea of us picking up [with the degree scandal] and running with that.”
He accomplished nothing but trolling the audience he didn't even want buying the books. If Spencer intends to honor all the worst ideas Slott had, then MJ's return alone won't salvage Spidey, and we shouldn't be shocked if partisan politics will turn up again. Why, look what's referenced next:
After recently writing two more serious series for Marvel — one that dealt with Captain America secretly being a spy for Marvel bad guy factory Hydra (“Secret Empire”), and another featuring African American superhero the Falcon replacing Cap (“Captain America: Sam Wilson”) — Spencer welcomed the chance to dust off his joke writing. (Still, he said he tried to fit humor in his more intense Marvel works as well, and he’s also got a laugh-filled “Ant-Man” series to his credit.)
I'm not sure what's so funny when the guy turned Steve Rogers into a nazi-like villain, and exploited Falcon-as-Cap's book for leftist agendas on illegal immigration. That kind of work is so awful, it makes it pretty difficult to overlook Spencer's attitude prior to this moment. I'd like to think this time, it could be better, but if he's following up on Slott's elements, then he's accomplished nothing. It's regrettable when successive writers tie themselves, however unwillingly, to the worst storylines the industry has to offer, and again, we shouldn't be surprised if soon enough, whatever quality this new volume has, it'll all go down the drain quickly. And Quesada, no matter what he thinks now, doesn't belong at the Big Two.

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I almost feel sorry for Quesada and Cebulski. I am sure that when
Cebulski took over from Alonso, he sat down with Quesada to discuss
fan reactions. And Quesada told him that there was a blogger out there
who was upset about the direction Marvel has been taking lately.

And Cebulski spoke: ‘what can we do to bring joy to his thoughts and
his blogs, so that he blesses us and no longer curses us?’

And Quesada replied: ‘ we can reunite Peter and his long-separated
beloved, Mary Jane, so that they are once more of one flesh.’

And Cebulski said, ‘let it be so.’ And it was so.

And Quesada then said, ‘and to earn his pleasure it would also behoove
us to return to our pages the male Thor and the male Man of Iron.’

And Cebulski said, yes, let it be so.

And Quesada spoke once more, saying, ‘forgive my rashness, but our fan
has also beseeched us to attend to the messaging that exists in the
stories of the African Avenger, T’Challa, son of T’Chaka, King of all
the Wakanda.’

And Cebulski mused for some time, saying ‘our servant T’Nehisi, son
of the Panther, has
done us great service and achieved great things in our name, and it
would ill-behoove us to treat him badly now, but mayhap we can alter
the narrative of the life of the son of T’Chaka, so that he is removed
from the earth and placed in stories reminiscent of the stories of war
among the stars, of long ago, crafted by the George Lucas, ones which
no longer speak of politics and have no grand themes to enrage a
reader or disturb a viewer’s day-long slumber.”

And so Cebulski thought further, and sighed with a deep sigh, and
said with regret ‘very well, let it be so.”

And lo, it was done and it was distributed though all the newstands
and comic book shops remaining in the land and across all the digital
realm. And the blogger saw it. And he said, ‘it is still no good, and
never shall it be good, and it shall be perpetually bad no matter what
is written and what is drawn, for the gospel is a gospel of peace and
of social justice, and I shall shun such things yes unto the end of

And Cebulski sighed once more, a deeper sigh, and resolved to consider
the fans no more, for they know not what they want and know only that
they do not want it. And it was so.

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