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Monday, October 29, 2018 

More troubling details emerge about Mark Waid's past conduct

Some more dismaying information's come up about how Waid's handled business with other people in the medium in the past. First though, the lawyer Waid allegedly hired to represent him in the lawsuit filed by graphic novelist Richard Meyer posted what looks like fan-baiting, following the arrest of mail-bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc, charged with sending packages to Democrat supporters:

It should be noted that, whatever this Sayoc's political leanings, he held the following twisted beliefs:
Sayoc at times posted many graphic images of gory violence — some from jihadist propaganda. Yet he was strongly opposed to Islamic terrorism. At the same time, he was a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who appeared to ascribe blame to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and “Zionist forces” for the “inside job.”
That doesn't sound all that far removed from what the left tolerates, or even Ron Paul. On which note, it may not have been discussed yet, but what if this creature is a Paul-bot? He caused so much trouble for the Republicans when he was more active, did whatever he could to give conservatism a bad name under the guise of "libertarianism", and his cultists, sadly, will continue their presence for a long time after, leeching onto more sensible people at every opportunity. All that aside, Zaid's analogy is offensive and takes away the seriousness from the issue. He'd continue with the following:

After reading some of his statements, I have to ask just what kind of lawyer this Zaid is supposed to be, spending all that time on social media ragging on what he dislikes, when Nick Rikieta, the guy representing Meyer, isn't spilling over so blatantly. How does Zaid think he'll make a persuasive case if he acts this contemptible, and drags in issues that should be left at the door while the case he's representing is ongoing?

Anyway, that's not the only concerning issue to come up. A former business partner of Waid's has spoken out against him (also via Bounding Into Comics), accusing him of cheating them out of a business venture:
I’ve gone back and forth on this very personal post. But I am seething with so much rage I have to let it out. I’m done pretending it didn’t happen, the NDA has been up for years and I never had to sign a thing.


This man got into business with us, he created a partnership for the comic book store that was never technically legalized. When his POS girlfriend decided she wanted Jason gone he sided with her knowing it was wrong. When it got bad and we finally lawyered up we were told, “Do you have tens of thousands of dollars? Because he does, and he’s going to drag this out in court. We can win, and we will, but that’s what you’re going to owe in fees. Can you cover that? Because he can. I know his lawyer and he’s giddy at the prospect.”

We let the store go. 10 years of my best friends life was gone. 10 years of hard work realizing a dream was ripped away from him. And to add insult to injury, he left that store with 150k in annual sales, 100k in product and fixtures, and Mark paid him less than 5k to shut his mouth and walk away.

That was our reality. A rich, recognized, wealthy white man wanted more and took it. Robbed the little guy, smeared his name, took his business and then a year later broke up with the girlfriend and signed it all over to her like it didn’t even happen! He ran. Literally. Flew across the country and ran from his problems.

He throws money around or he runs and hides.

We always heard about his temper. We didn’t realize the reality.

If you don’t believe me there’s a 911 tape out there of Jason calmly calling the cops while Mark is screaming bloody murder destroying the store in the background. Fact.

Now I don’t know all the details of this law suit and I don’t really care. What I do know is Marks temper got him in another situation and he’s using his popularity and fans to take money from hard working people to fund his lawsuit.

He absolutely does NOT need your money.

And he absolutely deserves what’s coming to him.
A Scotswoman's also made allegations against him, and even against Dan Slott and Stephen Wacker, and the case is becoming all the more disturbing. I don't know if Waid was always this way, but now that he's sunk that low, it's clear he's tainted even the better stuff he'd once scripted over 2 decades ago, and no matter the outcome of this impending trial, chances at this point are he won't be a moneymaker for any company he works at, not even the Humanoids publisher owned in Europe, who made the mistake of hiring him recently as a "creative director". Why, it's become pretty apparent for several years Waid is the kind of writer who's disowned his past works, especially after he wrote Irredeemable in the mid-2000s, which could be seen as a rejection of the superhero genre. I'd strongly recommend he take some time away from the industry if he wants to make amends, go on a vacation and tour the countryside.

Anyway, for anybody who wants to fund Meyer's own legal fees, here's a page launched for him by Ethan Van Sciver (via Bounding Into Comics). It's got to be made clear tortious interference is simply unacceptable conduct.

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I could understand fundraising for Meyer if Waid was suing him. But this is a lawsuit launched by Meyer,presumably because he saw himself as having a chance at winning and getting a money judgment at the end of the day (presumably, he figures he can get around the first amendment). Meyer enjoys taunting and baiting people; I don't have much sympathy when he comes crying after someone says something nasty about him.

I don't see why anyone should help him buy his lottery ticket; it is not as if he is promising to pay people back if he wins. He is going to use other people's money to gamble, and keep the profits if he wins big.

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