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Monday, November 19, 2018 

Another journalist exploits Stan Lee's demise for subtle propaganda

The Fort Smith Times-Record's got a whole article about the now sadly departed Stan Lee, which has at least a few fishy lines that seem intended for political swipes that should've been left at the door:
But those who responded strongest were the kids who had big glasses, or had disabilities, or were too short, or had the “wrong” skin color, or worshipped a different god, or were bad at sports, or spoke English as a second language, or were attracted to the same sex, or ... well, you get the idea. The outcast. The lonely. The bullied.
Oh, they just had to include that, didn't they? Now it may have once been claimed Pinkus Pinkerton, one of Sgt. Fury's team of WW2 fighters was originally intended to be homosexual, but not only does that sound like an exaggeration, most publishers back then weren't pandering to LGBT propaganda like we see today, even at the expense of women's sexuality as was a problem of recent. Also, if bullying and bigotry matters, how about what LGBT advocates are doing today, like persecuting Christian bakers because they don't want to service the ideology by making wedding cakes? Or male transvestites who believe claiming to be a woman automatically makes it acceptable for them to enter a women's bathroom? These may not have been big topics decades before, but they sure are now.

However, there was something interesting Lee brought up when he was writing his essays back in the day, that could bear significance even now:
...If a redhead once offended him, he hates ALL redheads.
What are the odds Joe Quesada was going by this notion when he went miles out of his way to rid Spider-Man of Mary Jane Watson for the sake of alienating the Spider-fans? Now that's an intriguing question with no easy answers, but still worth pondering.

But now, here's the really troubling part:
Eventually he went to Hollywood and worked on bringing the Marvel characters to screens big and small — with some success, it seems. He also tried his hand at launching various media companies, although most failed. Then there were some controversy toward the end, where there were fears he was the victim of elder abuse.

None of which matters.
Excuse me? Several shady people tried to exploit Stan for nearly 2 decades prior to his death, not the least being the modern hypocrites in charge of Marvel themselves, and that doesn't matter? I hesitate to think, if they believe the allegations he supposedly harassed nurses, they'd think that does matter, despite how it's clear privacy rules were violated and it ultimately wasn't believable? Geez, this is sick. Sana Amanat herself admitted they'd gone to such lengths to exploit him as a shield for their propaganda agendas, and that was extremely reprehensible, and also, a form of elder abuse. Yet that doesn't matter? Well that's enough to tell me the jerk who wrote this, who once also implied Stan resorted to racist stereotypes when creating the Mandarin for Iron Man's stories, doesn't care about Stan so much as he does about exploiting his memory to push extreme social justice agendas of the kind today's leftists do. Towards the end, he says:
Stan Lee will always be remembered as the beloved face and voice of the Marvel Age of Comics. He will justly be revered as a modern mythmaker, in tandem with some incredible talents. People will always talk about his dedication to tolerance and inclusivity, which continues at Marvel, and the industry as a whole, to this day.

And he will be remembered as a man who hated bullies.
Hmm, this sounds like a subtle swipe at the Comicsgate campaign, whose very purpose was to defend what Stan originally set out to do above all: entertain, not shove really bad influences down everyone's throats like today's Marvel and DC are doing. And that's just another clue this "tribute" to Stan's career isn't genuine or altruistic. People like these have no business saying they honor past veterans or saying they're fans. Because they're not. If they didn't apologize for earlier attacks that could hurt their reputations, that only compounds the phoniness of their so-called respects.

The saddest part is that, as this article hints, they'll keep exploiting Stan long after he's gone, and eventually throw him under the bus altogether. That's one of the most regrettable parts of showbiz - nobody's got any respect for veterans, no matter what they do or what their politics are like, and are perfectly willing to tear apart their legacies if that's what it takes to further their twisted agendas.

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