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Saturday, November 17, 2018 

Killing more X-Men won't salvage Marvel's reputation

Wouldn't you know it, Marvel's own publicity stunt machine hasn't run out of gas. They want to wipe out more X-Men in some way or other:
Uncanny X-Men is going to encompass quite a bit of X-Men history, and according to writer Ed Brisson, that means killing quite a few in the process.

The good news is that he's got Kelly Thompson and Matthew Rosenberg working alongside him trying to, you know, not let that happen. In a new interview with Marvel, the three writers were asked what the top line of Uncanny X-Men is about, and death quickly came up.

"Well, we are killing them all," Brisson said, though Thompson countered "That’s such a lie." For Rosenberg on the other hand, the story is all about Doop, though he later gave a more detailed answer.

"No. Uncanny X-Men is… We don’t want to spoil stuff. … I feel like we can say that a lot of the X-Men’s problems and the world’s problems have come from the X-Men," Rosenberg said. "And they’ve come home to roost. The legacy of the X-Men has come back to them in a way they aren’t prepared for."
Sounds like they're blaming the victim. That trick can only lead to failure in the end.
As for the death toll, Thompson says that has been a bit overhyped in part thanks to Brisson's answers on social media. That doesn't mean none will die of course, but it won't be everyone.
Yawn. Sorry, not impressed. Mark Gruenwald said every character is someone else's favorite, and it makes no difference who gets killed, it'll just sow seeds of division, which nobody needs. You could even argue Spider-Man's assault on the X-Men in Secret Wars back in 1984 after he thought they were going to turn traitor was divisive in itself, and IIRC, it did lead to some needless mockery of X-Men later on, which was completely unnecessary.

It sounds like this is just their answer to DC's Heroes in Crisis, which is selling very low for an "event" or a crossover, and another regurgitation of a cliche that's become more alienating than enjoyable. Fans would be strongly advised to vote with their wallets and avoid this upcoming stupidity too.

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The first such really divisive event, long before Peter's assault on the Xs, was in the early Timely comics of the 1940s, when Sub-Mariner started feuding with the Human Torch. This was enduringly divisive in itself, causing endless needless mockery in the form of gibes such as water-rat and glo-worm. This divisiveness was perpetuated in Millie The Model, in the form of the intense biting rivalry between Millie Collins and her best friend Chili Storm, which led to endless mocking one-liners. When Chili's cousin Sue helped found the Fantastic Four, we saw the same teasing bickering relationship between Sue's brother Johnny and her admirer Ben, and then more brutally between Ben and the Hulk. The seeds of divisiveness were planted long ago and bear bitter fruit in the modern age.

Why can't heroes just play nice with each other? Comics would be so much more worth reading if they did.

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