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Friday, February 01, 2019 

Angouleme convention awards Rumiko Takahashi

The Asahi Shimbun reports that France's comics convention in Angouleme gave an award to veteran mangaka Rumiko Takahashi, notable for manga stories like Urusei Yatsura. Interestingly, they give this description about her:
The festival's official website praised her for being a rare female comics artist who has been creating comics for boys.

“She is the first person who cast off traditions of comics, and has become the queen of boys' comics,” festival officials wrote.
You know, considering she's surely got better manners than Gail Simone, and doesn't antagonize right-wingers like Simone's been doing in the past decade, that's why it could make sense to say Takahashi makes a pretty good queen of comics for boyhood. Though it's hardly new that there's women out there writing comics that can appeal to menfolk. As far back as the 70s, you'd have people like Louise Simonson and Ann Nocenti doing it, and there was a woman at the time named Laurie Sutton, who'd written several Adam Strange backup stories that appeared mostly in Green Lantern, in the early 80s. Most importantly, they didn't hammer away with the kind of rabid leftist agendas you see today.

Since we're on the subject of Eurocomics, the NY Times wrote about the convention too, and were willing to state some contrasts to their industry, and the US:
Research by the market research company GfK, released to coincide with the festival, showed that turnover in the comic book industry in those two countries alone reached 510 million euros, or around $580 million, in 2018.

The bumper year in France and Belgium contrasts with a mixed situation worldwide. Comichron, a website that reports on comic book sales in the United States, where the market is worth around $1 billion, says that sales there are declining.
Well, so they actually admit the US medium's gone into freefall! Not that they'd ever really done it before, seeing as they're still one of the biggest apologists for failure in many instances and subjects. But, will they actually get into the whys and hows? That, to be sure, is an entirely different story, and they certainly haven't bothered to dwell on that, as was sadly expected.

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It took them this long? I'm guessing Takahashi has outsold any comic creator in Europe over the time when she was producing comics. She's also a poke in the eye for the sexist bigots who think women are so stupid and weak that they have to be hired and promoted above far more competent men 'cause "equality".

"women are so stupid and weak that they have to be hired and promoted above far more competent men 'cause "equality".

If the vast majority of women wanted to and could compete with men on merit--aa would not be required. aa is a recognition and desire to socially engineer differences away, the same way Communism trys to protect bad or lazy producers from judgement, competition, etc.

AA. is protective--it reduces grown adults to small children with fragile egos.

You sure your country allows the kind of raunchy things going on in a Takahashi manga?

I must say, I've been reading some of your columns and reviews on your main website, and all I can say is this: I'm having trouble imagining you watching or reading any of the anime, manga, or live-action shows that you recommend, especially given the morals of the average Israelite in your current location. Not to mention that a lot of what you recommend conflicts with your conservative viewpoints and beliefs.

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