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Wednesday, April 24, 2019 

Brie Larson continues to be a blight on the Marvel movies

Marvel studios isn't doing themselves any good by using the insufferable Larson to promote the latest Avengers movie, Endgame. Here, she says:
In a soundbite clip released by Marvel Studios, Larson explains just how powerful Captain Marvel is, “We’ve seen Carol’s transformation. We’ve seen her kind of grow and evolve and have ownership of these powers. And more than anything, we’ve seen how incredibly strong she is.” She would add later in the clip, “Carol is stronger than ever. More embodied than ever. She’s been learning how to do stuff for however long that we haven’t seen her between her origin story and now. She’s ready. She’s matured. And the team needs her.”
But does the audience need her? No matter the performance of Captain Marvel at the box office, quite a few people already find her aggravating with the politics and other stuff she's shoved into the whole issue, and for somebody who may have been an Oscar winner a few years back, it doesn't sound like she's an audience favorite now. Has Larson matured? Has the character she played really done the same after the way her solo movie shoved a heavy-handed feminist approach at the viewer? Doubtful. Also note the emphasis Larson puts on her character's powers. It was already too easy how she handled the alien menaces in her own movie. If Endgame's written the same way, they'll repeat the underwhelming result. Even now, the way they're putting Larson in the spotlight after such an embarrassment isn't bound to do the latest Avengers movie many favors.

To make matters worse, Disney, apparently still desperate to salvage the box office receipts for Captain Marvel, has been making it mandatory for theaters to screen the film back to back with Endgame (or, the former before the latter, presumably as a double-feature):
Disney is requiring theaters to show both Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame on Thursday night, April 25.

Our source tells us that Captain Marvel will be required to be shown on Thursday night. Theaters will not be able to drop the film from screens in order to create room for Avengers: Endgame.

The idea behind this move is to hopefully bring in more people to Captain Marvel and boost the box office sales of the Brie Larson led movie, which is still far below Disney’s domestic gross projections for the film.

Disney had originally projected the film to earn $450 million at the domestic box office over the course of its run. The film has currently only grossed just over $400 million.
By contrast, the Wonder Woman movie grossed plenty more than that. In any case, Disney's desperate attempt to get more tickets bought for the overrated superhero film they produced suggests it cost a lot more than expected, and that the executives want to push their fumbled visions so badly and have the public validate it at all costs, they're willing to spend even more. Already, it would seem as though they bought theater tickets themselves to inflate sales figures, a tactic vaguely reminiscent of how Marvel's publishing arm operates, which would mean the film took in a few million less than reported at the box office. Now, they're going farcical by continuing to shove a film not as popular as the left would have us believe down everyone's throats, and potentially jeopardizing sales receipts for Avengers: Endgame by discouraging anyone who doesn't want to endure the dreadful Larson film again from attending. All this does is demonstrate Hollywood's loss of grip on how to market movies, and make them appealing.

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"Disney had originally projected the film to earn $450 million at the domestic box office over the course of its run. The film has currently only grossed just over $400 million."

400 million is really good.

According tô thé article you linked to, thé claim that Disney projected 450 mill was just a rumor, citing an unnamed secret source. Disney does not seem to have ever actually made that projection. Thé movie is now thé 25th best selling film of all time and still in thé theatres.

Howard the Duck would be the 25th best selling movie of all time if it had been shoehorned between Infinity War and Endgame, and if the epilog of IW had been a cliffhanger that led into HTD.

And somehow $400 million is really good for Captain Flatass, but similar profits for Alita and Shazam are portrayed by the shill media as a disappointment.

Lately, Larson has been talking as if she believes she really is a superhero. Maybe she will jump off a roof and try to fly.

Shaz grossed so far about 125 thou domestic, 325 thou worldwide. Captain Marvy has grossed more than 400 thou domestic, over a billion worldwide.

Alita grossed $86,000 in the United States, $319,000 foreign sales, about $405 thousand worldwide. A good chunk of change, but not a Marvel.

AntMan and the Wasp was sandwiched between the two Avengers movies, and continued into Endgame, but it only grossed about $623,000 worldwide.

The epilog of Ant Man & the Wasp tied in with Infinity War, but not vice versa. The ending of IW was an ad for Captain Gender Studies.

You have to multiply the dollar figures up above by about a thousand; but the ratios are right.

Bad marketing can kill a good movie; it is a lot rarer for a bad movie to become a hit solely due to marketing. Even with the best marketing in the world, if people don't like it on opening night it won't have any legs.

Before Captain Cute-Buns was released, weren't the quasi-right culture warriors heralding it as the movie that would sink the Avengers franchise and bring about the fall of the Disney SJW empire?

Given the ending of Infinity War, it is surprising how small a part CM plays in Endgame.

In the theater where I saw Endgame, the audience applauded when Thanos knocked her for a loop.

Larson is claiming that she did her own "stunts."

Standing in front of a green screen is not really a stunt.

And neither is what she did on the casting couch with Feige or Weinstein.

The problem with Larson is not that she is a feminist. It is that she is petulant and childish.

With feminists like Gal Gadot, Rosa Salazar, Jennifer Garner, and Sybil Danning (all of whom played tough female action heroes in movies), one got the message that they were pro-woman.

With Larson, one gets a vibe that she is not pro-female, but anti-male.

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