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Thursday, April 18, 2019 

First, Jane Foster was Thor. Now, she's Valkyrie

The laughable gimmicks never cease at Marvel. War of the Realms claims more victims, with Brunhilde, aka Valkyrie, one of the most notable victims of Dark Elf Malekith:
The newest Marvel Comics event, War of the Realms, may only be a few weeks old, but it's already managed to rack up a body count. The first issue saw Odin attacked in his home of Asgard by Dark Elf assassins sent by the evil Malekith, and Loki, the God of Lies and Mischief, was eaten alive by his own father, the Frost Giant King Laufey.

Whenever there is a huge comic book event or crossover, the odds of a main or supporting character dying are high. A death can add weight to the story and help give it some extra stakes, even if it doesn't permanently stick. This is why we shouldn't be too surprised to see another Asgardian fall in War of the Realms #2, even as Marvel's greatest superheroes begin to formulate a plan to stop the invasion of Midgard.
As expected, no questions asked whether the heavy reliance upon death as a plot device has been overused and become tasteless, or worse, offensive. But then, CBR was always anything but objective. So you couldn't even expect them to lament the terrible mistreatment of the Asgardian deities, not even Valkyrie:
The final fight for New York comes down to Valkyrie and Malekith, with the Dark Elf getting the drop on Valkyrie from behind. The last image we see of her is a sword plunged into her chest and Malekith standing behind her, ready to deliver the killing blow.
I don't even want to think what his execution method turned out to be. All I know is that it's long become superfluous, tedious and boring. And the biggest irony? Most SJWs likely don't give a damn about any of the Asgardian deities. Though what Jason Aaron and company are doing now with Jane Foster is clearly meant to pander to them, at the original Valkyrie's expense, for the sake of a new solo book:
The Asgardian warrior Valkyrie may have met her demise at the hands of the Dark Elf Malekith in War of the Realms #2, but that won't be the end of her story. Marvel Comics announced a new Valkyrie ongoing series by writers Jason Aaron and Al Ewing at C2E2 in Chicago, and now we know who will be starring in the title role: the former Mighty Thor, Jane Foster.

Joining Aaron and Ewing on Valkyrie is artist Cafu. And even though Jane Foster will be the star of the series, it doesn't mean fans have heard the last from Brunhilde.
It makes no difference. They're doing this under the presumed confidence less will complain since this time, Jane's been put into role filled by a lady rather than a man. But when it's all tied so obviously to such a cynical company wide crossover, that's why it's only forced and contrived for the sake of cheap pandering.
"It's not like the old Valkyrie. Brunhilde is available for consultation occasionally, but she no longer belongs to the world of the living -- so Jane's mostly on her own," Ewing told Marvel.com about how Jane's tenure as Valkyrie will differ from Brunhilde. "That said, she does have something not seen before in the world of Asgard -- UNDRJARN THE ALL-WEAPON, forged in the fires of the Realm-War, that can change its shape and be whatever the wielder needs -- including wings! Which doesn't necessarily mean no more flying horse, but I'm getting ahead of myself..."
No, Ewing's way behind. This is another rock bottom gimmick nobody likes anymore, as the reception of DC's Heroes in Crisis should also make clear. And they've already revealed Brunhilde is going to be turning up again...as a ghost, what else?

In the end, given the contemptuous way they went about all this in the past several years, that's why it's just too late to make Jane a deity of any sort. It's just a superfluous attempt to compensate for all the trouble Marvel caused when Axel Alonso was EIC, and now C.B Cebulski's only blowing things just as much, mainly by tying it all to a crossover instead of confining it to a single, stand-alone book or miniseries. Also, I doubt many of the SJWs they're pandering to intend to buy and read the solo book they're launching. If they didn't give female Thor financial support, they're not bound to support the Valkyrie book either.

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"If they didn't give female Thor financial support, they're not bound to support the Valkyrie book either."

Someone must have given her support - the title was one of Marvel's highest circulation books on the direct market, after the Spider-man books.

This may sound hilariously funny but Thor looks like a thumb-sucking kid in that Avengers Infinity War Thor Vest which looks like outerwear from the medieval age. Come on Marvel, just redesign Thor's costume or replace it with a powerful metal body.

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