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Sunday, May 26, 2019 

PBS animation forces LGBT propaganda into a children's show

If you want to see how far children's programming has fallen on a publicly funded TV network, look no further than the Arthur cartoon on PBS (via One Angry Gamer), where the Mr. Ratburn character gets into a homosexual marriage:
Here are two things you probably didn’t know: First, the animated children’s series Arthur is still on the air, entering its 22nd season on PBS Kids. Second, Arthur’s teacher — the well-read, well-dressed, well-liked Mr. Ratburn — is gay.

[...] Arthur and his gang of mostly recognizable animal friends show up to the wedding ready to object, but when they see who Mr. Ratburn is actually marrying — not to mention how happy the couple appears — they decide not to sabotage their teacher’s big day, after all. They do, however, make fun of the way Mr. Ratburn and his new husband dance, which is fair.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Arthur-verse has featured a gay character. A 2005 episode of the show’s spinoff, Postcards From Buster, found the titular rabbit visiting Vermont to learn how maple sugar is made. While there, he met several children whose moms were lesbians, to which he commented, “Boy, that’s a lot of moms!” (For what it’s worth, the word “lesbian” wasn’t actually used in the episode, just as Mr. Ratburn doesn’t use the word “gay” in Monday’s Arthur premiere.)
I wonder how much longer it'll be on the air when the propaganda becomes clearer to everyone? And just because they don't use the word "gay" or the more specific word "homosexual", or "lesbian" in the script doesn't mean it's not harmful. Visuals alone can be a bad influence. And what's even more irritating is that the students thought the teacher was going to be marrying a woman (he was actually talking to a sister) were depicted thinking that's something to object to, even if only as a joke, yet a homosexual marriage is something they shouldn't oppose at all? Sigh.

Later, Alabama's public TV system decided to bar the episode from broadcast (also via One Angry Gamer) out of consideration for parents who don't want that kind of indoctrination forced upon their children, and certainly not if it's presented in a positive light. Arkansas's system followed suit, much to the frustration of SJWs who believe children must be told to believe this is all positive practice. This leads to me to feel the time's come that PBS no longer be a publicly funded outfit, if this is what they've come down to. Just more forced politics at the expense of logic, morale and entertainment.

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I am not against gay marriage, but it is not an appropriate subject for a children's cartoon show.

Kids young enough to be watching Arthur are too young for any discussion of sex, whether homo- or hetero.

Well, to be fair, I think heterosexual weddings are okay for the age bracket, but certainly not homosexual weddings.

But yes, what Arthur did there was just wrong, both times. And quite frankly, I NEVER got the impression that Mr. Ratburn liked loafers light at all. This is exactly like what happened with Alex Danvers in season 2 of Supergirl and Claire Bennet in the Redemption arc of Heroes.

What's even worse is that Marc Brown, the franchise's creator, not only sang praises for the episode, but also proceeded to call out Alabama for banning it: https://people.com/tv/alabama-pulls-arthur-gay-wedding-episode-marc-brown-responds/?xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=peoplemagazine Jeez... this is the worst form of desecration to a franchise by its creator since George Lucas and How Star Wars Conquered the Universe revealed that the Rebels were based on the Vietcong in order to demonize American efforts in Vietnam. Heck, maybe even Metal Gear Solid V's infamous non-ending as well.

The Rebels were meant to be based on the Vietcong?

Huh, didn't know Arthur was still around. Thought it had been cancelled about 20 years ago due to PBS getting away from animation productions.

...and people think the original Star Wars movies are good, why?

Cuz people don't always connect the dots and end up with conclusions like this:

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