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Thursday, June 06, 2019 

Waid accused of assaulting/insulting store manager

Mark Waid's been accused of adding another demerit to his reputation at a Diamond retail summit by a store owner (via Bounding Into Comics):
I never had a chance to tell everyone about my diamond retailers summit run ins with the notorious tough guy “Mark Waid”. First I didn’t even know he was coming to the event, as usual Diamond doesn’t bother finding out or telling retailers about these things. So when they announced Humanoids was coming up next with cco Mark Waid and some other exec I was all ears. They have a presentation that was lack luster retailer were not impressed (watch my video). Now we had ordered humanoids comics before, bought a healthy amount of their fcbd offering this year and it’s definitely not a success in my store (or any by my talks with other retailers) but sure I’ll listen to what they got. Waid chimes on about all the really heavy sjw content they have coming up, its mostly really laughable plots stealing from the very successful black mask publishers model (which we do stock). He punctuates his presentation with a joking call to donate to his loosing legal defense fund which you can hear me cackle at on the video. They end and he walks off stage. I turned off my recording and as he’s walking by he points to me and tells the lady he’s with “see that guy, he’s one of the garbage humans I was telling you about” always wise to tell a retailer at a retailers summit they are a “garbage human”. He steers clear of me for most of the summit and on the day we are to go around and talk to publishers and get their catalogs and preview comics I work my way around to humanoids booth. As I walk up to humanoids booth mark immediately says “go away dennis you aren’t welcome here” while making the shoe away gestures with his hands. I laugh at him and say “I’m a customer coming to check out your product, the lady immediately stands next to mark and remains silent. Mark just continues “go away Dennis we don’t want your business, you’re not even a real comic shop anymore” I again laugh at him and talk directly to the lady in hopes that she has sense “so I’m being denied the preview of your comics?” Mark reaches over and picks up his fcbd comic and throws it at me and says “you can have this”. I bat it away from me and say “are you crazy throwing a comic at me, and besides I already have those I ordered them because I’m a customer, (looking directly at the lady I say), are you going to let your employees treat a customer like that?” She says “I’ve known mark a long time and I’ll take his word for it” so I reply “well then you’ve lost a customer forever til you get rid of this hack fraud” so yeah the reason why I won’t be ordering anything humanoids puts out from here on in is because of the way it’s employee Mark Waid and whoever the lady exec was with him treated me at the diamond retailers summit in Las Vegas 2019. Video below in comments
Now where did Waid get the idea of calling the poor guy a "garbage human"? I'm guessing he got it from that awful left-wing feminist Anita Sarkeesian, who was yelling at video filmer Carl Benjamin (a liberal himself, from what I know, interestingly enough) during a convention, acting as though vulgar profanity is literally an acceptable concept (she used the S-bomb at least a few times), and really disgusted more than a few people, including another leftist, Randy Pitchford. This could explain why most leftists finally distanced themselves from her following that, as it became clear she was just some obnoxious jerk lacking real manners or etiquette. What she'd done at that video convention was embarrassing. But, as Waid's attitude towards the retail specialist suggests, the damage was done, and some of the nuttiest people have been influenced by all that insanity.

And this does hint Humanoids is getting screwed over by social justice tactics, and looks like it's unsuccessful with the audience. I sure wish he'd just retire already and let everyone retain a sense of their enchantment with his earlier work more easily. He's not helping the company he's working at now, and they should just let him go.

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Barger and Waid have been sniping back and forth at each other for years. Waid has a different version of the event:

Why would you link to Bleeding Cool, a comics news site that is run b progressives who ALWAYS take the side of the most liberal person in any dispute?

Do you really expect anyone who has no dog in this fight to take the word of a liberal from a liberal-leaning news website?

Especially after they pounced on Christopher Preist for daring to say there are only two genders--much to the dismay of the mentally ill, social justice warriors who run the site.


At this point, you should stop being anon and just tell us who you are and why we should give two shits about your dim-witted liberal hot takes.

Bleeding Cool did not take sides of either Barger or Wade. They gave Barger space to give his account, and included a short rebuttal by Wade. The site itself stayed neutral.

I don't think anyone other than Barger or Waid really cares one way or the other about it.

Bleeding Cool did not pounce on Christopher Priest for anything. If you look at the link, it is actually an interview with a different site, Newsarama. And it would be a stretch even to say Newsarama pounced on him, if you actually read the interview.

So why would anybody take the word of a conservative from a conservative-leaning news website with that logic?

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