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Thursday, September 05, 2019 

Captain America is still siding with illegal immigrants under Ta-Nehisi Coates

The awful leftist Polygon website sugarcoated the 13th issue of Coates' current volume starring Cap, depicting Steve Rogers basically doing what Falcon was made to do a few years ago while wearing the same outfits:
And then on the other hand, you’ve got Steve Rogers defending undocumented migrant workers along the United States’ southern border by beating the crap out of a Confederate flag-wearing local militia — all as part of an attempt to rehabilitate his image after the whole Hydra thing. The politics of superhero comics is usually a tangled knot, but this is a little ridiculous. [...]

Coates and his collaborators are doing thorny philosophical/political stuff in Captain America, even if it could use a little more character work.
The only thing here that's correct is that it's ridiculous, though even that's an understatement. Notice also how they employ the politically correct description "undocumented" for the migrants, which has been used by the mainstream press for some time now, to soften the tone on how those entering the country without proper paperwork and permits are acting illegally. What "character work" needs to be done here that wasn't already? Coates and company did do what they speak of - made Steve into their blatant idea of what he should "represent". I also don't find the costume design they're using now appealing. It appears to water down the colors of the Old Glory flag, or remove them altogether, and that only compounds the image they're disrespecting the USA's flags as much as Cap himself as a creation of Kirby/Simon.

And the continued reaching back to one of the worst recent crossovers ever, Secret Empire, is only making things worse. Cap may rehabilitate his image in-story, but repeated reference to that offensive tale from 2017 won't rehabilitate Cap as a creation, nor Marvel's collapsed reputation.

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I laughed out loud at the panels up there. Illegal immigrant woman totally knows there's always an evil conspiracy when white people are involved.

What's hilarious is that the increase in black support for Trump is directly tied to the attempt to reduce illegal immigration - something which has been costing blacks jobs, forcing them out of areas they traditionally lived in places like LA as well as illegals taking a slice of the government support pie reducing the amount to black families.

You know, if you're looking for either more ideas or people who support your views, try the boards over at GameFaqs for a change of pace.

"I laughed out loud at the panels up there. Illegal immigrant woman totally knows there's always an evil conspiracy when white people are involved"

We don't know from the comic that white people were involved. The bad guys all wore full face masks and body suits, so their race is unrecognizable. And the migrants appear white, if not as pale as Steve is.

And why no complaints about the namby pamby label of local militia for a gang of thugs with assault rifles illegally using lethal military firearms against unarmed people? I was surprised by the deference the story showed to anti-immigrant viewpoints, with Steve expressing reservations about protecting illegal immigrants. His history would be to protect helpless people without question, whether illegal or not, particularly given that the comics of years past show him as having helped liberate a fictional concentration camp at war's end.

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