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Thursday, December 05, 2019 

Some more political tweets by J.T. Krul

If there's any far-left comics writer I can find spewing out dreadful rhetoric at the moment, it's Krul, who of recent's been doing work for Aspen, and occasional animation. In the past few weeks, he's turned out head-shakers like this one:

What about leftists who turned a blind eye to the sex offenses committed by Jeffrey Epstein? Isn't that a concern? Though if universities do count, how many culprits on campus were leftists, who, interestingly enough, are the opponents of new sexual misconduct laws at Harvard?

There's also this item, which appears to be in reply to one about Elizabeth Warren:

Nope. It's about her political platform, plain and simple, which even the Wash. Post admits. Did Krul think this when Sarah Palin was chosen as John McCain's VP candidate? Most likely not.

Some people also don't have what it takes to show gratitude for Trump's positive steps, like in economy and business. Krul's one of them, alas.

Even take steps that could jeopardize national security, and accept unlawful funding from George Nader? This is troubling indeed. If anything, Clinton owes some plausible explanations for her past actions.

Is he hoping Bolton does? If that be the case, tsk tsk. Bolton's already been on the right side of history when it comes to Iran, so what's Krul's point?

And Bill Clinton couldn't possibly be? Any chance he'd be willing to donate the money he's making on his books to Epstein's victims?

Any chance Krul'd be willing to take issue with Graham over his refusal to give backing to a special resolution on the Armenian Holocaust during WW1? There's a valid issue to be found in that subject, but Krul seems to lack what it takes to confront those kind of issues.

Says somebody who, a decade ago, was willing to do the script for a DC special denigrating Roy Harper, unreservedly.

I wish he'd stop with that absurd virtue-signaling, acting as though women, provided they support leftist politics, are the ones to immediately congratulate. Does he even care what's happened to Melania Trump of recent?

More boring anti-conservative swipes. Has he ever considered the possibilities Clinton accepted bribes, or Joe Biden in the Ukraine scandal?

But this is exactly why comics could be dying - because they're being exploited for rabid leftist platforms. Didn't Krul notice the harm inflicted by Marvel at the time of Secret Empire?

The diversity and not the merit or talent, huh? See, this is just what's gone wrong with western society today, and with mainstream superhero comics under awful editors like Axel Alonso. And Krul doesn't care that the Dem candidates are all representing dullsville.

So again, what a pity we have here a comics writer who's sullying the impact of whatever comics he's scripting today, forcing everyone to take his work with a grain of salt, and putting on shows of classic Orwellian ignorance.

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"But this is exactly why comics could be dying - because they're being exploited for rabid leftist platforms. Didn't Krul notice the harm inflicted by Marvel at the time of Secret Empire?"

if the Washington Post is a rabid leftist platform, does that make Fox News the voice of the liberal elite? And Breitbart sort of wishywashy middle-of-the-road?

Secret Empire was more a right wing fantasy than a left wing one. It was the militant right's conspiracy theory nightmare of Obama refusing to leave office, taking away people's guns, and turning the army on the American people to make himself a dictator. Trump just sort of blundered into looking like that after the fact. But Nick Spencer's digs in Secret Empire and Captain America were aimed more at the left than the right.

Evil Steve was young, charismatic and handsome, trusted by the American people, incredibly clever - that was funhouse mirror Obama, not Trump.

That comic book version of the Mueller report is an excellent example of how comics can convey complex ideas and narratives in a way that is clear and comprehensible. They did a great job, scholarly and understandable.

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