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Thursday, January 02, 2020 

Kevin Feige's soon introducing gay-trans characters to the Marvel film franchise

Warner Todd Huston at Breitbart's discovered the disgraceful producer in charge of Marvel's movie division given interviews where he confirms that, just like that, they're going to introduce a transsexual and homosexual character in their next productions:
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has announced that the billion dollar superhero movie machine is introducing a transgender person and a gay superhero in its upcoming properties.

Feige announced the addition of the trans and gay characters to the Marvel cinematic universe at a Q&A at the New York Film Academy this week.

During the Q&A, Feige was asked about plans to include a trans character, and the Marvel chief was enthusiastic over the idea.

“Yes. Absolutely. Yes. Very soon. In a movie we’re shooting right now,”
Feige exclaimed.
Industry observers reportedly believe it could be their planned adaptation of Master of Kung Fu, which'll simply be titled Shang-Chi, and also the Eternals, which already had at least one. It makes little difference whether in the end it'll all turn out to be just cameos by specific actors or major roles for appeasing the Perpetually Unsatisfied, this is hugely dispiriting news, and sure discourages me from wanting to check out the MOKF adaptation.

But a big question is whether audiences, whether general or the mindless addicts, will continue to waste their money on a franchise that already showed signs of social justice pandering as early as the first Thor movie? I remembered this post on One Angry Gamer from last year, by a writer who believes filmgoers will continue because they want virtually every character possible to make a live action debut:
You see, the truth is Marvel fans will go to the theaters in droves for any Marvel movie for two very important reasons. First off, fans of Marvel know that if the MCU tanks then those heroes they are desperately waiting to see on the big screen will never get a chance. Marvel is counting on this and it is exactly why the X-Men and the Fantastic Four will be put off until all of their SJW projects are made.

The second reason and probably the one most people will fall back on is the simple fact that most MCU fans are not comic book fans. Die hard Marvel comic fans probably make up just under 45% of the total MCU fans. Most MCU fans are simply people trying to jump on the “cool thing” bandwagon. [...]
If there's anything to this viewpoint, one can wonder if it's the same people who attacked any film critic who dared opine negatively about the Batman films, as I discovered had occurred nearly a decade ago when the Dark Knight Rises debuted. In fact, one can only wonder if these very "fans" have any responsibility to shoulder for giving the anti-Comicsgate/Gamergate crowd ammunition to use against them. Why, they could've easily led to the attacks on anybody who didn't like the Captain Marvel movie because of the SJW-themes it was built on. Whoever those faux-Batfans were, it may be a good idea to look back at where something went wrong, and sternly condemn those who gave pop culture fandom of any kind a bad name, and might've given Rotten Tomatoes an excuse to discriminate against fandom as a whole. All for the sake of a franchise built on darkness. Ah, maybe that's the ironic problem - obsession with darkness leads to bitter cybertrolls who would actually travel a dark path along the internet. Sad, right? Most of these phonies didn't seem interested in campaigning for housecleaning at DC/Marvel, nor at the conglomerates who own them. Which makes them just as bad as the PC-advocating critics who've shown up today.

All that aside, I wouldn't be shocked if there's a certain segment of fandom comprised of mindless addicts in moviedom similar to those in comicdom who just buy and buy and buy no matter the quality of what's inside the cover, and won't get a clue why it's not such a big deal if a standalone movie spotlighting the Silver Surfer (who did appear in the 2nd Fantastic Four film from the mid-2000s), Ka-Zar, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Alpha Flight, Falcon, Hawkeye, Hercules or Power Pack never gets made. What matters first and foremost is the comics proper, which these addicts don't seem particularly worried about as they get trampled on by Joe Quesada's bunch. If they do go to see these upcoming films pandering to a leftist social justice agenda, they're part of the problem, and should cease insisting online they're not. Fandom can't be comprised of immoral phonies who don't have firm standards and sorely lack manners like the screwballs who caused the online debacle over DKR 8 years before.

I know the Star Wars films began to lose money as they wound up stooping to appalling propaganda tactics. So, maybe there is hope Marvel/DC fandom will wake up and avoid whatever propaganda Feige's got in store. But only time will tell, when the movies are officially released.

Update: speaking of Star Wars, I found this alarming item on One Angry Gamer about SJWs now lambasting how Rise of Skywalker ended. Could they be the same crowd that caused such a debacle at the time of DKR? Who knows?

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The latest Star Wars has grossed over 800 million in less than two weeks, already about the same as wonder woman's total gross; not bad for the ninth film in a franchise. How can you say that a movie that is likely to gross over a billion in the theatres alone is losing money?

It is difficult to compare the Star Wars films to the MCU films, because although linked each MCU one has different characters and themes; they are part of a shared universe, but they are separate franchises. Everyone loves the black panther, but how well do you think the ninth black panther movie will do in the theatres?

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