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Thursday, February 13, 2020 

A comic is being produced to support illegal immigrants in Vermont

Public Radio International has a biased article about a comic that's been produced with a focus on what they only call "migrants" in Vermont, and mental health challenges they face:
Imagine becoming a character in your favorite comic book. For Latino residents in Addison County, Vermont, seeing their stories illustrated in print has been key to tackling some of the mental health challenges of migration. Soon, their stories will be available for readers across the United States.

Vermont is the second least populated state in the US and more than 50% of its residents live in rural areas. The state is confronting a range of obstacles — a declining labor force, an aging population, and difficulty attracting young residents. But Latino migrants are increasingly stepping into roles that would otherwise remain unfilled.

There is ample opportunity for migrant workers willing to venture to the far reaches of the Northeast, particularly in the agriculture, dairy and construction sectors. But even for the heartiest locals, Vermont winters can be a challenge to endure.

Add to the mix not knowing the local language, little access to public transportation, and separation from home and it becomes a recipe for isolation, depression, substance abuse, and other mental hurdles for migrant farmworkers.

“People think that crossing the border is the hardest part, but the worst part is finding a way to survive after you arrive,” said Guadalupe, 43, a homemaker and cook who came to Vermont from Veracruz, Mexico.

Guadalupe is one of 18 contributors to "El viaje más caro" or "The Most Costly Journey" — a project to create a comic-based set of stories that spotlight the experiences of Latino migrants in Vermont. She and her co-storytellers use pseudonyms to protect their identities in the midst of an increase of immigration raids and apprehensions in the area.

The comic book project was sparked by Julia Doucet, an outreach nurse at the Vermont-based Open Door Clinic. While seeing patients at the clinic and in the field, Doucet noticed that the Latino migrant community she serves was dealing with an epidemic of failing mental health.
The article doesn't seem to dwell on whether these migrants, as they refer to them in classic PC fashion, have any legal permits for entering the country, nor do they get into whether the workers learned English or why they're even making these grueling journeys to someplace where they can't even fit in properly, or why the governments of the foreign countries they've come from aren't being pushed to make improvements so their sojourns won't have to be based on feeling uncomfortable with local situations. Nor does this article get into the issue of serious crimes committed by interlopers, Vermont included. No queries are even raised as to why nobody local's encouraged to bear more children who could grow up to take the roles illegal immigrants are taking in their stead.

It's galling how the art form's exploited for propaganda advancing illegal activities, and news companies like PRI make it worse with their sugarcoating.

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Farm workers coming from Mexico have been called migrant laborers for over a century. If they intend to stay permanently throughout the year, rather than move on when harvest season is over and return the following year, they should not be called migrants.

Where would Israel be now if Europeans without legal permits had not run British blockades to come to Palestine? It would probably have lost the War of Independence. You are making the same arguments that Arabs make against Jews who came from Europe - that they don’t speak Arabic properly or at all, that they are strangers to the Middle East, and if Jews were treated abominably in post-war Poland and Soviet Russia, that should not make it a Middle East problem. It is Poland and Russia who should have been ‘pushed to make improvements so their sojourns won't have to be based on feeling uncomfortable with local situations.”

All populations have their share of criminals, but generally immigrants are more careful about keeping on the good side of the law, and less likely to commit crimes, than local people with a sense of entitlement. Guys who come to the States year after year to pick peaches in the fields are not the criminal gang masterminds.

" You are making the same arguments that Arabs make against Jews who came from Europe"

You don't think the Arabs had a point? Besides which, the comparison is inapplicable. The 20+ million Mexicans, central Americans and various 3rd world countries who have invaded the US were citizens of other countries. They had not been put into extermination camps, they were still welcome in their own countries. They came here illegally with the assistance of unscrupulous American businesses to essentially make more money than they could down south by lowering the wages and standard of living of a large percentage of working class Americans. Which is why "pro business" Republicans have been just as guilty as the leftists of aiding and abiding what amounts to a slow motion invasion. The GOP has rather recently (Obama) been shocked to discover the invaders had kept the same socialist politics from their homelands which helped depress those countries and has also effectively moved the Democratic party farther to the left than it has ever been and gave us Trump in response. Unfortunately, I don't see Trump victorious when the corporations and the big government welfare state Democrats combine to oppose what should have happened 20 years ago.

Interesting that you only mention immigrants from Latin America and the Third World. There are a lot of Euopean non-status immigrants in the US - a large Irish contingent in Boston for example - but no-one seems up in arms about them.

The people in the caravans from South America, many of the third world immigrants, are refugees who are far from welcome in the countries they come from. They have a legal right to apply for refugee status in the US; the government is breaking US law and international law in order to deprive them of the opportunity of doing so.

Come on, do you really think old carrot cheeks is fighting for the little guy against the big corporations? Trump is on the side of the unscrupulous corporations; he owns a few of them and has employed immigrants without green cards en masse. His policies have supported corporate interests at the expense of the middle and lower classes since day one of his presidency. He has boosted the public debt massively in order to subsideze corporate interests. Just because he talks crude doesn’t mean he is a man of the people.

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